Originally posted at Sound on Sight by Sean Colletti
Edited on 6/2/16 for publication at The Televerse by Kate Kulzick, with the permission of Sean Colletti

Welcome back to This Is Our Design. This week, we bring you a special in-person edition of the podcast, thanks to the universe bringing all the nerds together in San Diego for Comic-Con. Co-hosts Kate Kulzick and Sean Colletti get together to talk all things “Dolce,” including the ridiculously good direction of Vincenzo Natali and the crucial reunion of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Warning: Some of the audio clips in this episode somewhat drown out the discussion for a couple seconds. You can blame Sean for this, because he is technologically inept. We’re not even sure how he exists in this day and age. Weird. Anyway, stick around for all the usual goodies, including a delayed “Hannibal by the Numbers,” “Kate’s Classical Corner,” and “The Devil in the Details,” and be sure to enter into the drawing for a free copy of Hannibal season two on DVD if you are interested in that. As always, you can find us on Twitter or send us an e-mail at thisisourdesign666[at]gmail.com.

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Outro Music: The Beatles – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”