Originally posted at Sound on Sight by Sean Colletti
Edited on 5/31/16 for publication at The Televerse by Kate Kulzick, with the permission of Sean Colletti

Welcome back to This Is Our Design. We’re sorry to inform you that NBC has officially cancelled this podcast, but we’re hopeful one of the streaming services will pick us up. In the meantime, check out our daily Aquarius podcast, which has already been renewed for 40 more seasons.

On a more serious note, who has time for being serious? We suppose co-hosts Kate Kulzick and Sean Colletti might, as they delve into “Aperitivo” with the help of The A.V. Club critic Molly Eichel. It’s an eventful episode that catches us back up with all our main characters—and Chilton. Psyche! We love Chilton and value him just as much as anyone else, even if he’s…not all there. Have a listen as the crew discusses change among the central characters, Bella’s departure, our new Mason Verger, and much more. Stick around for “Kate’s Classical Corner” and “The Devil in the Details” in yet another episode of This is Our Design that is longer than the actual Hannibal episode we talk about (we’re aiming for a 10-hour podcast by the time the season finale rolls around, which will surely kill the editors of the podcast, who are actually trained velociraptors). Please feel free to contact us at thisisourdesign666[at]gmail.com.

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Outro Music: “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” by The Beatles