Originally posted at Sound on Sight by Sean Colletti
Edited on 5/30/16 for publication at The Televerse by Kate Kulzick, with the permission of Sean Colletti

You thought you could get rid of us, did you? Well, it may interest you to know that we’re training a militia of pigs to eat you! Not really, though. We prefer listeners of This Is Our Design to not be dead, if we can help it. But what are we going to do with all these pigs now? We’re certainly not going to ask Hannibal, because last time he took six hours to examine all of our pigs before picking one. Then he fed it to us, stuffed with Freddie Lounds. Wait, what? Look, it’s almost 6 am and we haven’t slept. That’s the kind of dedication that co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick try to show listeners. This week, David Bax of Battleship Pretension drops by to talk all kinds of “Naka-Choko.” Topics of the discussion include point of view, understanding, sympathy, empathy, Michael Pitt as The Joker Mason Verger, and uneventful sex scenes. Also tune in for some more “Kate’s Classical Corner,” in which Kate explains how untimely this episode is in her life right now. Plus, “The Devil in the Details” continues to be a thing that Sean keeps forgetting to tell the guests about beforehand. What’s up with that? Have a listen and feel free to join the discussion by leaving some comments.

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Outro Music: “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath