Originally posted at Sound on Sight by Sean Colletti
Edited on 5/30/16 for publication at The Televerse by Kate Kulzick, with the permission of Sean Colletti

Easter can only delay the inevitable so long. This Is Our Design, the Hannibal podcast, makes its return just in time. In time for what? We don’t really know. But since su-zakana is a palate cleanser dish, we’re just going to invoke its powers to restart this entire introduction, and you can’t say anything about it!

Co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick return to talk some “Su-zakana” with Libby Hill of the Los Angeles Times. For anyone who was worried about the return of the thousand airplanes that fly over Sean’s house, rest easy. For the rest of you (we’ll call you the sane ones), tune in to hear the gang talk about some legitimate gender-based character issues that Hannibal may or may not being having. Also up for discussion: when TV becomes too heavy-handed, ambiguity surrounding Jack Crawford, who the heck is Margot, and where are we at with the Hannibal-Will relationship? But don’t worry. That’s not all. Call within the next twenty minutes and receive a free segment of “Kate’s Classical Corner,” with one amazing insight from Sean this time around (really amazing; we’re not kidding). And if you pay with traveler’s checks and/or two-dollar bills, you’ll also get to experience another round of “The Devil in the Details.” Have a listen and feel free to join the discussion by leaving some comments.

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Outro Music: “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones