Originally posted at Sound on Sight by Sean Colletti
Edited on 5/30/16 for publication at The Televerse by Kate Kulzick, with the permission of Sean Colletti

Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick are back again to talk more Hannibal season two in this latest installment of This is Our Design. This week, special guest Les Chappell from The A.V. Club joins the discussion, which spans everything from the gruesome opening of “Sakizuki” to the final image of Dr. Lecter smirking in an empty room. The discussion includes the idea of symmetrical and unbalanced friendships along with the performance aspects these characters use to get what they want. Only two episodes into the new season, Hannibal is making it difficult to watch some of its more gory scenes while inviting viewers into its intellectually rewarding story. Have a listen and feel free to join the discussion by leaving some comments.

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