The Televerse #330- Best Of 2017 Smorgasborgy

The end of 2017 is finally here, so it’s time for Noel and Kate to celebrate the highlights and lowlights of the year in TV and send it on its way. As always, the Best Of Smorgasborgy is a wide-ranging and lengthy affair, with topics ranging from Best Performance to Best Theme Song to Best WTF Moment, and everything in between. Enjoy our look back at 2017 TV, then reach out with your favorite moments. Thank you to the lovely people who’ve guested on the podcast this year, those who’ve reached out and commented either at the site or through social media, and everyone else out there listening. It’s been a pleasure!

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The Televerse #329- Top 20 TV Series of 2017

The end of 2017 is right around the corner (already? And also somehow, finally!), which means it’s time for The List-ening, starting with The Televerse’s picks for the Top 20 TV Series of 2017. Noel and Kate run down their picks, 20 through 11, and have a quick chat about the year in TV, then dive in deeper with their top 10 series of the year. Which series made the list, which just missed the cut, and which are we surprised to see turning up elsewhere? All of this as more as Noel and Kate reflect on an interesting, at times challenging, and compelling year in TV.

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The Televerse #301- Spotlight on Anne with an E

It’s that rarest of things here at the Televerse, a light week! Noel and Kate kick things off by talking through the week’s TV, including the premieres of Daytime Divas and I’m Dying Up Here, the finale of The Leftovers, a return to form from The Handmaid’s Tale, another middling American Gods, a ghostly iZombie, an emotional The Carmichael Show, and entertaining penultimate episodes of Angie Tribeca and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Afterwards, it’s time for another Season Spotlight, with Avonlea fan Kate and Avonlea neophyte Noel breaking down the new adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Great Gables, the CBC and Netflix’s Anne with an E.

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The Televerse #295- Spotlight on The Handmaid’s Tale

It’s another week of premieres and finales, with the glut of April programming bringing even more terrific TV to discuss. We kick things off with comedy and reality, including the premieres of Great News and Silicon Valley, the finale of The Detour, the return of Jane the Virgin, and more. Then we move over to drama and genre, with the finale of Feud: Bette and Joan, the much-anticipated Adventure Time: Elements, and the returns of Supergirl and The Flash, among others. Lastly, we dive deep with the gripping and powerfully relevant premiere episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, which despite tremendous early buzz, manages to somehow exceed expectations.

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The Televerse #294- Girls with Caroline Siede

The April onslaught continues, with another handful of premieres and finales giving Noel and Kate lots of TV to discuss. We kick things off with the comedies, including season one of Girlboss, the premiere of Veep, the finale of Girls, and much more. Next up are the genre offerings, including the premieres of Doctor Who and Class, and some reality talk, with a catchup on The Amazing Race and another lackluster RuPaul’s Drag Race. Then we round out our week with the dramas, including the premieres of The Leftovers and Fargo, the finale of The Good Fight, and more. Afterward, The A.V. Club’s Caroline Siede returns to the DVD Shelf to help Kate reminisce on Girls, its legacy, and how it shaped, and was shaped by, the way we discuss television.

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The Televerse #225- Top 20 TV Series of 2015

The List-ening has begun! Kate is joined by her new cohost, Noel Kirkpatrick of TV.com, to count down, argue about, slather praise upon, and generally geek out about our top 20 shows of 2015. Adding to the fun are some of the year’s best musical moments and a few thoughts from previous guest cohosts Elena Rivera, Emily L. Stephens, and David Bax. Count down with Noel and Kate, then let us know your picks for the best TV of 2015!

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The Televerse #223- The Leftovers Season 2 with Whitney McIntosh

It’s fall finale time, giving Kate and returning guest Whitney McIntosh of UPROXX and PopOptiq plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First up are the week’s comedy and reality offerings, including a catchup with Survivor’s Remorse season two, the midseason finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Wiz Live!, and the premiere of Top Chef. Next are the week’s drama and genre entries, including a catchup with The Knick, the winter The Flash/Arrow crossover, and the season finale of Doctor Who. Then we round out the podcast with a season spotlight of HBO’s remarkable The Leftovers, which wrapped up its second (and potentially final) season this week.

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The Televerse #217- Show Me a Hero with Max Bledstein

We take a different approach this week on the podcast, with PopOptiq and Vague Visage’s Max Bledstein joining Kate to dive deep with a handful of shows. First up are the comedies, with Kate’s comedy roundup and then a lengthier chat on The Muppets, followed by the week in genre and drama, again starting with Kate’s roundup before a longer discussion of the Supergirl pilot, Fargo, and The Leftovers. Afterward, it’s time for the DVD Shelf, this week looking at the David Simon miniseries from earlier this year, Show Me a Hero.

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The Televerse #214- Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 with Ricky D

Thank goodness last week’s episode was on the shorter side, because it’s another marathon edition of The Televerse this week. PopOptiq co-creator and Editor-in-Chief Ricky D joins Kate this week to cohost the podcast, starting with a very full week in TV. We kick things off with a whole lotta comedies, including Trevor Noah’s first week at The Daily Show, the finales of Review, Rick and Morty, and Married, and a handful of returning fall comedies. Next up are the genre entries, including a preview of American Horror Story: Hotel, a post-finale look at Vixen, and Agents of SHIELD premiere talk, as well as some quality time with new and returning genre favorites. Then we round out our week in TV with the dramas, including a preview of Fargo season two and some Empire and The Leftovers premiere discussion. And after our massive week in TV, we dive in with a season spotlight on Fear The Walking Dead, which wrapped up its first season this week.

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The Televerse #158- Make-You-Watch-athon 3: Samurai Jack, Frisky Dingo, The Amazing Screw-On Head

It’s The Televerse’s third birthday, and once again, we’re celebrating with our annual Make-You-Watchathon, where the hosts each choose a series to make the other(s) watch. This year, it’s an animation party, with all three Televerse cohosts participating and choosing animated series. First, however, it’s another more relaxed week in TV, as the summer series continue to wind down. We kick things off with the finale of SYTYCD and some comedy talk, including the premiere of The League and the return of Gravity Falls, and then take a brief look at some genre (Doctor Who and Outlander) before diving in with the dramas, including the premiere of Boardwalk Empire and the finale of the uneven first season of The Leftovers. Afterward, we kick off the Make-You-Watchathon with Sean’s pick, Samurai Jack, before moving on to Simon’s, Frisky Dingo, and rounding out the segment with Kate’s pick, The Amazing Screw-On Head.

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