The Televerse #275- 2016 Winter Midseason finales

It’s been a difficult week in our personal lives, so we’re keeping the podcast simple this episode, focusing on our week in TV without a DVD Shelf or special segment. There’s still plenty of TV to discuss, however, as we catch up with finales from this week and last. First up is drama, with Kate giving her spoiler-free thoughts on the Pitch finale, followed by comedy, as Kate catches up with the Insecure finale and Noel and Kate talk through last week’s standout episode of black-ish and another fun Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Then we head over to reality, with Kate’s thoughts on Hairspray Live! and a baking and cooking showdown courtesy of the premieres of The Great American Baking Show and Top Chef. Last, we round out our week in TV are the genre offerings, the midseason finales of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

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The Televerse #274- Enterprise with Caroline Siede

We’re still in our post-Thanksgiving food comas here at The Televerse (or we would be, if we weren’t both traveling). Fortunately, there’s plenty of interesting and entertaining TV this week to re-energize us as we recover from one holiday and prepare for the next. First up, Noel gives his thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Noel and Kate break down Bob’s Burgers’ latest holiday episode and the midseason finale of Jane the Virgin. After the comedies, it’s a miniscule week in drama, but the finale of Queen Sugar gives us plenty to discuss. Then we head over to genre, with Kate talking Steven Universe, Noel looking at the premiere of Incorporated, and both of us diving in with the big CW DC crossover, first Supergirl’s mostly standalone episode, and then the “Invasion!” on The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Afterward, friend of the show Caroline Siede of The A.V. Club returns to help us round out our Star Trek DVD Shelf cycle with the final, and canonically first, series in the franchise, Enterprise.

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The Televerse #269- Young Justice with Samantha Nelson

We’re back to regular podcast operating procedure here at The Televerse, just in time for Halloween and another batch of premieres. First up, we look at a full week in comedy, including the premieres of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Man with a Plan, and The Great Indoors, a slue of holiday-themed sitcom episodes, another compelling The Good Place, and a powerful Jane the Virgin. Then we look at the rest of the week’s offerings, including the much anticipated Rectify premiere, the less anticipated Pure Genius premiere, a stormy Queen Sugar, Hamilton-centered Great Performances, Harrison Wells-happy The Flash, and Lynda Carter-fueled Supergirl. Afterward, Samantha Nelson of The A.V. Club and the Critical Hit podcast joins us at the DVD Shelf to help us continue or exploration of the DCAU’s with Young Justice.

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The Televerse #247- The Love Boat with Gwen Ihnat

The finales roll on, giving us yet another marathon episode of the podcast this week. First up are the comedies, including the finales of Bob’s Burgers and Fresh Off the Boat. Then we head over to genre, including looks at the Preacher pilot and The Flash and Arrow finales, and we round out the week with the dramas, including the finales of The Night Manager and The Path. Afterwards, Gwen Ihnat, copy editor and contributor at The A.V. Club, joins us at the DVD Shelf to look at the ‘70s–‘80s escapist TV staple The Love Boat.

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The Televerse #232- Interview with Brad Breeck

A lot of exciting TV is coming up in the next few weeks, including the series finale of Gravity Falls. In anticipation, Kate speaks with Gravity Falls composer Brad Breeck, looking at his composition process, development of the sound of the series, and collaboration with creator Alex Hirsch. But beforehand, it’s a full week of TV. Noel and Kate talk comedies first, including catch-ups with Childrens Hospital, Superstore, The Grinder, and the premieres of The Venture Bros. and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Next up are the genre entries, with a bit of a split on The X-Files, and we round things out with a little Top Chef: California discussion before diving in with the dramas, including eventful episodes of American Crime Story, Elementary, and American Crime.

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The Televerse #224- Avatar: The Last Airbender with Sean Colletti

It’s the final regular podcast of the year, and joining Kate to send off the guest cohost era in style is former cohost Sean Colletti of PopOptiq, TV Overmind, and The Mid-Season Replacements. First, Kate and Sean look over the week’s notable comedy and reality offerings, including the finales to The Amazing Race, Nathan For You, and You’re the Worst, the pilots to Telenovela and Superstore, and a deep dive with Transparent season one. Then come the genre and drama offerings, including the midseason finales of The Good Wife, Arrow, and The Flash and last week’s buzzed about penultimate Fargo. Afterward, the DVD Shelf is at long last back, as Sean and Kate spend some quality time with the fantastic animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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The Televerse #216- Justice League with Noel Kirkpatrick

It’s another super-powered episode of the podcast, as Noel Kirkpatrick from TV.com joins Kate to look at a full week of TV before talking Justice League at the DVD Shelf. First up though, it’s the comedies, including the pilots for Truth Be Told and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, as well as premieres for Nathan for You and Jane the Virgin. Next are the genre offerings, including a lengthy chat about Steven Universe, and we round out the week with the dramas, including the premieres of Manhattan and Kingdom as well as some overdue The Good Wife talk. Then we head to the DVD Shelf to dive in with Bruce Timm’s team-up series and extension of the DCAU, Justice League.

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The Televerse #215- Life on Mars (UK) with Alasdair Wilkins

The fall premieres may be winding down elsewhere, but The CW is just gearing up, giving us plenty of interesting TV to talk about this week. Alasdair Wilkins of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who joins Kate for a more mainstream week in TV, starting with a little reality talk, as Kate waxes rhapsodic on The Great British Bake Off, and then moving to the comedies, including deep dives with Gravity Falls, Bob’s Burgers, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Next up are the drama and genre offerings, including a preview of Manhattan season two and a look at the premieres of Supernatural, iZombie, Arrow, and The Flash, and afterwards, we head over to the DVD Shelf to break down the UK fish out of time buddy cop series Life on Mars.

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The Televerse #195- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 6

Summer TV is on the way, giving us a few more finales and some shows to preview this week on the podcast. First we look at the comedies and reality, with previews of Golan the Insatiable and SYTYCD. Next up are the genre and drama entries, including previews of The Whispers and Aquarius, as well as looks at the pilot of Between and the finales of Supernatural and The Flash. Afterward, friend of the show Steve Prokopy—Capone from AICN—is back at the DVD Shelf for the sixth installment of his Horror Picks, looking at two classic horror TV movies: Dark Night of the Scarecrow and The Night Stalker.

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The Televerse #193- Todd McFarlane’s Spawn with Mike Worby

The winter finales only wrapped up a few weeks ago on the podcast, but network finale season is already upon us. First we look at the comedies, including the much anticipated 12 Angry Men-inspired installment of Inside Amy Schumer. Then we talk genre, including check-ins with The Flash and Arrow and looks at eventful episodes of Penny Dreadful and Outlander, and we wrap up our week in TV with the dramas, including the season finale of The Good Wife and the penultimate episode of Mad Men. Afterward, Mike Worby of SOS returns to the DVD Shelf to talk HBO’s animated series, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

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