The Televerse #295- Spotlight on The Handmaid’s Tale

It’s another week of premieres and finales, with the glut of April programming bringing even more terrific TV to discuss. We kick things off with comedy and reality, including the premieres of Great News and Silicon Valley, the finale of The Detour, the return of Jane the Virgin, and more. Then we move over to drama and genre, with the finale of Feud: Bette and Joan, the much-anticipated Adventure Time: Elements, and the returns of Supergirl and The Flash, among others. Lastly, we dive deep with the gripping and powerfully relevant premiere episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, which despite tremendous early buzz, manages to somehow exceed expectations.

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The Televerse #252- Lady Dynamite Season 1 with Emily L. Stephens

With HBO’s finales this week, Spring TV finally winds down, leaving only a handful of shows for Noel and Kate to discuss, but allowing for deep dives. First up, we break down ABC’s new night of retro game shows, The $100,000 Pyramid, Match Game, and Celebrity Family Feud. Then we talk comedy, including the Silicon Valley and Veep finales, and next up are the genre and drama offerings, including in-depth looks at the Game of Thrones finale, BrainDead, and UnREAL. Afterward, Emily L. Stephens of The A.V. Club returns to the podcast to help us explore the fascinating and unique first season of Lady Dynamite.

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The Televerse #249- Grantchester Season 2 with Caroline Siede

Noel is on assignment, so this week Kate is joined by The A.V. Club’s Caroline Siede for a full 2+ hours of TV talk. First up, we go through our week in TV, starting with the comedies, including a look at the season two premiere of Angie Tribeca and deep dives on Silicon Valley and Veep. Next up are the genre offerings, including the Outcast premiere and lengthy looks at Game of Thrones and Orphan Black, and we round out our week with the dramas, including the premieres of Feed the Beast and UnREAL, one of which we love and one of which, not so much. Then in lieu of the DVD Shelf, Caroline and Kate bring back the Season Spotlight and take a look at Grantchester season two.

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The Televerse #198- Interview with Brian Reitzell

It’s another light week of TV on the podcast, but a batch of spring finales give us plenty to discuss. First we look at the week’s comedies, including the release of Orange is the New Black season three and the finales of Silicon Valley and Veep. Next up are the genre offerings, including finales of iZombie and Game of Thrones, and plenty of Sense8 talk. Then afterwards, Kate has an in-depth chat with Hannibal composer Brian Reitzell about his approach to scoring season three.

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The Televerse #196- The Wire (Part 2) with Dennis Perkins

Summer is finally upon us, giving us a lighter episode list and shorter podcast once again. First we look at the comedies, including the finale of Louie, and we follow that with the week’s genre offerings, including a preview of Hannibal season three and Outlander finale talk. Afterwards, Dennis Perkins of The A.V. Club returns to the podcast to help us with just a bit more discussion of one of television’s greatest series, The Wire.

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The Televerse #195- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 6

Summer TV is on the way, giving us a few more finales and some shows to preview this week on the podcast. First we look at the comedies and reality, with previews of Golan the Insatiable and SYTYCD. Next up are the genre and drama entries, including previews of The Whispers and Aquarius, as well as looks at the pilot of Between and the finales of Supernatural and The Flash. Afterward, friend of the show Steve Prokopy—Capone from AICN—is back at the DVD Shelf for the sixth installment of his Horror Picks, looking at two classic horror TV movies: Dark Night of the Scarecrow and The Night Stalker.

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The Televerse #189- Better Call Saul Season 1 with Vikram Murthi

Aprilgeddon continues, bringing with it the return of the Season Spotlight, giving Kate and Simon extra time to discuss some of their favorite series. We start our week with the comedies, including looks at the premieres of Louie, Veep, and Silicon Valley, and then talk genre, including the Game of Thrones premiere, the Fortitude finale, and season one of Daredevil. Then we round out the week with the dramas, including some The Slap talk as well as our weekly Justified, Americans, Mad Men, and The Good Wife discussion. Afterwards, Vikram Murthi of The A.V. Club returns to the podcast to talk about one of 2015’s most pleasant surprises, Better Call Saul season one.

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The Televerse #144- Invader Zim with Zack Handlen

We finally have a bit of a lull this week, with spring series starting to wind down and summer series yet to begin. So rather than take it easy (what is easy?), we introduce a new recurring segment this week on the podcast, Sean’s Network Report Card. First we kick things off with a little reality and the comedies, including the premiere of SYTYCD and the finale of Silicon Valley. Then Sean breaks down the freshman series on CBS, letting listeners know which shows to stick with for season two and which to ditch. Next is genre and drama, including Kate’s preview of Power and Murder in the First, the latest Make Sean Watch entry, the Supernatural pilot, and eventful episodes of Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and In The Flesh. Afterward, we welcome back Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club to the DVD Shelf to help us discuss that most adorable of evil alien would-be overlords, Invader Zim.

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The Televerse #136- FLCL with Noel Kirkpatrick

Television was a bit more manageable this week, giving us a little breathing room on the podcast. First we talk comedy, including the premieres of Inside Amy Schumer, Silicon Valley, and Veep, then we catch up with some genre, including the Game of Thrones premiere, and we round out our week in TV with the dramas, including a preview of FX’s new Fargo miniseries and a lengthier chat about The Americans. Then we head over to the DVD Shelf with Noel Kirkpatrick of TV.com and dive into our fourth anime series thus far, the beloved teen action-adventure comedy FLCL.

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