The Televerse #219- Parks and Recreation with Elena Rivera

We keep things local once again, with PopOptiq and The Televixen’s delightful Elena Rivera joining Kate to talk through another very full week in TV. First we look at the comedies, including Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s Master of None and the season three premiere of Mom, as well as standout episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and You’re the Worst. Next up are the genre and drama offerings, including Flesh and Bone and the premiere of Elementary, and we round out the podcast by heading to the DVD Shelf to gush about the dearly departed Parks and Recreation.

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The Televerse #183- Charmed with Whitney McIntosh

Despite a few shows taking the week off, there are finales and premieres galore this week, plus the regular batch of discussion-worthy series, making for one of the longest regular podcast episodes in quite a while. First we dive in with the comedies, including the Parks and Recreation series finale, The Last Man on Earth’s pilot, and a fantastic Doris-centric Looking. Next up are reality and genre, including the premiere of the new dating-centric season of The Amazing Race and the season finale of Agent Carter, and we wrap up the week with the dramas, including the pilot of Battle Creek, the return of The Good Wife, and much more. Afterward, SOS’s own Whitney McIntosh returns to the DVD Shelf to break down TV’s longest running female-driven series and genre favorite, Charmed.

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The Televerse #178- Interview with Michael Price

2015’s onslaught of television is fully under way, giving us plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First we look at a full week in comedy, including the debut of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, the disappointingly brief return of The Venture Bros., and the finale of Galavant. Then it’s time to talk genre and drama, including previews of Pivot’s new murder mystery series Fortitude and The Americans season three and looks at the Backstrom pilot and Justified premiere. And did we mention we caught up with The 100? In a week? ‘Cause we did. Finally, in lieu of the DVD Shelf, Kate speaks with Emmy, Writers Guild, and Annie Award winner, and current writer for The Simpsons, Michael Price about his career as a television writer on series like What About Joan?, The PJs, and that ‘90s classic, Homeboys in Outer Space.

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The Televerse #177- Enlisted with Les Chappell

The Comedies are coming! It’s another week of TV premieres here on the podcast, giving us the longest week in comedy in recent memory. We kick things off with said comedies, including premieres and pilots from Parks and Recreation, Kroll Show, Broad City, Always Sunny, and Man Seeking Woman, then look at a much more manageable week in genre and drama, including the pilots of Amazon offering The Man in the High Castle and Syfy’s 12 Monkeys adaptation. Afterward, Les Chappell of SOS, The A.V. Club, and Under the Hood returns to the DVD Shelf to help us look at the short lived, and much loved, 2014 military comedy Enlisted.

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The Televerse #109: Breaking Bad with Ricky D

The TVpocalypse has come and gone, giving us far too much to fit into one podcast this week. Consequentially, we’re splitting up the podcast, with our mega-long DVD Shelf on Breaking Bad, with guest Ricky D, as a separate audio file.

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The Televerse #56- Friday Night Lights with Steph Smith

With the Emmys over and done with, it’s officially the start of the fall network TV season. The pilots will come en masse next week, but, along with one of the best one-night comedy lineups in quite a while (Thursday’s Parks and Rec premiere, Wilfred finale, Childrens Hospital UK, NTSF:SD:SUV::, and the culmination of Louie’s three-part Late Night adventure, which we have in the spotlight this week), we did get premieres for Treme, How I Met Your Mother, Partners, and Castle, along with finales for SYTYCD, and Awkward.. After going through the rest of our week in TV, including Parenthood, Doctor Who, The Thick of It, the Emmys, The Voice, Alphas, and Revolution, we welcome Stephanie Smith from PotentialCast, RedemptionCast, and What’s On with Steph and Des to the DVD Shelf to help us take a nice long look at Jason Katim and Peter Berg's beautiful and heartfelt series, Friday Night Lights.

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The Televerse #37- Nathan Barley with Chris Gore

It’s a mixed bag for Simon and Kate this time. In a week with several notable season finales, some live up to expectations and some live down. After breezing through Kate’s roundup, we look at the rest of the week, taking particular time with the Fringe finale, Mad Men, Sherlock, and, one final time, Smash, which also aired its season finale. Then we spotlight the season finale of Parks and Rec, “Win, Lose, or Draw” before welcoming Chris Gore from Attack of the Show back on, this time to the DVD Shelf, where we look at Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker’s 2005 cult series, Nathan Barley.

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The Televerse #35- The Good Wife Season 3

It’s the first guest-less Televerse in a long time as Simon and Kate break down the week’s TV. We give ample time to Community, 30 Rock, Fringe, Girls, and Mad Men before spotlighting Park and Rec’s “The Debate”. Then it’s time for a season spotlight on The Good Wife, which wrapped up its third season with Sunday’s “The Dream Team”.

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The Televerse #34- My So-Called Life with Ricky D

It’s a long one this time, as Simon and Kate celebrate the return of Parks and Rec and dig into a divisive episode of Fringe. Throw in the Veep pilot and an excellent turn from Mad Men, and it’s a full week of TV. Afterwards, we welcome Ricky D from the Sound On Sight podcast to the DVD Shelf to talk about the fantastic, and short-lived, '90s teen drama classic, My So-Called Life.

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The Televerse #22- Chuck with Shawn Keown

It's time for a new segment, the Spotlight of Shame, when Simon and Kate spend far too long discussing the pilot of Touch. Then it's a somewhat lackluster week in TV before we spotlight Justified’s latest, "Cut Ties", and wrap things up with a look at fan favorite series Chuck, with Shawn Keown from the Zero Pretension podcast joining us at the DVD Shelf.

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