The Televerse #294- Girls with Caroline Siede

The April onslaught continues, with another handful of premieres and finales giving Noel and Kate lots of TV to discuss. We kick things off with the comedies, including season one of Girlboss, the premiere of Veep, the finale of Girls, and much more. Next up are the genre offerings, including the premieres of Doctor Who and Class, and some reality talk, with a catchup on The Amazing Race and another lackluster RuPaul’s Drag Race. Then we round out our week with the dramas, including the premieres of The Leftovers and Fargo, the finale of The Good Fight, and more. Afterward, The A.V. Club’s Caroline Siede returns to the DVD Shelf to help Kate reminisce on Girls, its legacy, and how it shaped, and was shaped by, the way we discuss television.

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The Televerse #223- The Leftovers Season 2 with Whitney McIntosh

It’s fall finale time, giving Kate and returning guest Whitney McIntosh of UPROXX and PopOptiq plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First up are the week’s comedy and reality offerings, including a catchup with Survivor’s Remorse season two, the midseason finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Wiz Live!, and the premiere of Top Chef. Next are the week’s drama and genre entries, including a catchup with The Knick, the winter The Flash/Arrow crossover, and the season finale of Doctor Who. Then we round out the podcast with a season spotlight of HBO’s remarkable The Leftovers, which wrapped up its second (and potentially final) season this week.

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The Televerse #222- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 with Deepayan Sengupta

Much of TV may have taken the week off, thanks to (American) Thanksgiving, but there’s still plenty to discuss, as PopOptiq Managing Editor for TV Deepayan Sengupta returns to the podcast. First we talk comedy and reality, including previews of Transparent season two and The Great Holiday Baking Show and looks at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin, before moving onto the genre and drama offerings, including a preview of SyFy’s The Expanse and a deep dive with Doctor Who. Then it’s time for another season spotlight, as Deepayan helps Kate break down one of the year’s great new comedies, season one of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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The Televerse #218- Holiday Omnibus 2 with Deepayan Sengupta

Our usual format is back this week on the podcast, with PopOptiq’s own Deepayan Sengupta joining Kate to talk through a very full week in TV. First we look at the comedies, including fantastic episodes of You’re the Worst and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and catch up with Other Space season one. Next are the genre offerings, including the premieres of Les Revenants season two, Grimm season five, and Ash vs Evil Dead season one, as well as plenty of superhero and The CW fare. We finish out the week’s TV with the dramas, with a deep dive on The Affair and a timed roundup of Kate’s notable drama viewing, and afterwards, we head to the DVD Shelf for the second installment of the Holiday Omnibus. This time, Deepayan and Kate look at three memorable (or otherwise, as it turns out) Halloween episodes: Quantum Leap’s “Boogieman”, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Halloween II”, and the beloved classic, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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The Televerse #213- Scrubs with Cooper S. Beckett

After last week’s marathon podcast, we’re back to a more manageable length, though there’s still plenty of TV talk to go around. Joining Kate this week is Cooper S. Beckett from Eat the Rudecast, Damn Good Podcast, and Life on the Swingset, who helps Kate look at some comedy and genre favorites (The Muppets, Drunk History, Rick and Morty, Doctor Who) and dives in with a new show mid-series (Review). Kate also talks the Documentary Now finale, the Amazing Race premiere, the Heroes Reborn premiere, the Masters of Sex finale, and previews Sleepy Hollow season three. Afterward, Cooper heads over to the DVD Shelf to help Kate break down an underrated (comparatively) recent series, the reliably comedic, and occasionally crushingly dramatic, Scrubs.

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The Televerse #212a- Empire, The Emmys, and more with David Bax

Returning to the podcast this week is friend of the show David Bax, from Battleship Pretension and Hey Watch This!, and as always happens when David is on the show, this is a long one. So long, in fact, that we’ve split the podcast into two parts. First up is David and Kate’s look at the week’s TV, including previews of the upcoming returns of The Last Man on Earth, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh Off the Boat, black-ish, Empire, and Nashville, as well as looks at Married, Project Runway, the 2015 Emmy Awards, and more. Afterward, David sticks around to preview the fall’s upcoming new series, but to avoid putting out a three hour beast of a podcast episode, that segment is available separately.

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The Televerse #170- Fans and Fandom on TV with Paul Booth

Thanks to Thanksgiving, it’s a (comparatively) light week of TV on the podcast. First we kick things off with a little reality talk and a look at the comedies, including a marathon of Adventure Time, and then we talk genre and drama, including the aptly-titled episode of The Newsroom, “Contempt”. Afterward, Dr. Paul Booth joins us to discuss representations of fans and fandom on TV, as well as the ever-evolving relationship between fans and creators.

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The Televerse #167- Star Trek: Voyager with Caroline Siede

Somehow, there are still new fall shows premiering, giving us plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including Too Many Cooks, last week’s Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode, and strong new installments of Key & Peele and Jane the Virgin. Then we talk a little genre, including Arrow and the Doctor Who finale, and next up are the dramas, including previews of The Missing and State of Affairs, as well as some The Newsroom premiere talk. Afterward, the DVD Shelf is back in earnest this week, with Caroline Siede of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who returning to help us break down perhaps the most unfairly maligned of the various Trek series, Star Trek: Voyager.

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The Televerse #162- Alias with Emma Fraser

There may be fewer TV shows to discuss this week, but there are many interesting episodes, both successes and failures, giving us plenty to talk about this week on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including a spooktacular Gravity Falls, the pilots of Bad Judge and Mulaney, and Bob’s Burgers’ musical premiere. Then we dive in to a full week in drama, including a preview of next week’s The Affair pilot, the Gracepoint pilot, the Homeland premiere, the Stalker pilot, and a controversial (or it would’ve been, if people were still invested) Doctor Who. Afterward, Emma Fraser from TV Ate My Wardrobe joins us at the DVD Shelf for one of our more contentious discussions, as we look at perhaps the quintessential J.J. Abrams TV series, Alias.

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The Televerse #159- That Mitchell and Webb Look with Alasdair Wilkins

The fall TV season is nearly upon us, bringing with it a slew of summer series finales and pilot previews and giving us plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. Simon Howell is back and helps break down a full week in TV, starting with previews of the New Girl and The Mindy Project premieres and lots of FX comedy talk. Then we take a look at the pilots and premieres airing in the coming week, and we round out the week with plenty of genre and drama discussion, including looks at the pilot of Z Nation, a lauded Doctor Who, catchups with Outlander, The Knick, and Masters of Sex. Afterward, Alasdair Wilkins of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who joins us at the DVD Shelf to discuss the British sketch series That Mitchell and Webb Look.

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