The Televerse #122- 2013 Best Of Smorgasborgy

2013 was a great year for TV and with it coming to an end, we decided a Top 10 wasn’t enough. This week on the podcast, we take a look at all the other Bests in the television of 2013: best performances, best cinematography, best scores, and many more, plus a handful of less common categories, such as best villains, best shipping, and the Dusty Dusty Him Sad award for saddest scene. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and it’s a long one, but we hope you’ll join us for a look back at this funny, moving, and very memorable year (and then give your picks in the comments!).

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The Televerse #121- Best TV Shows of 2013

It’s finally time. With Christmas Eve upon us, December is coming to a close and that means it’s time to find out Simon and Kate’s picks for the best TV shows of the year. 2013 has been an eventful year for television, with scores of interesting shows throughout the year. Only a handful can make the final cut for the podcast, though. Which shows made the list, which just missed out, and which weren’t even in contention? Tune in to find out.

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The Televerse #120- Informed Opinions: Physical Disabilities on Television

Several shows may be on hiatus, but there’s still plenty of TV to fill the podcast this week. We kick things off with the comedies, including the Psych musical, before moving on to the week’s genre offerings and finishing up with the dramas, including the finales of Homeland and Masters of Sex. Then we welcome back SOS’s Amanda Williams to discuss portrayals of physical disabilities on television in our latest Informed Opinions segment.

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The Televerse #109: Breaking Bad with Ricky D

The TVpocalypse has come and gone, giving us far too much to fit into one podcast this week. Consequentially, we’re splitting up the podcast, with our mega-long DVD Shelf on Breaking Bad, with guest Ricky D, as a separate audio file.

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The Televerse #107- 2013 Fall Network TV Preview

The fall TV season is ramping up, meaning it’s time for our network pilot preview. This week also featured perhaps one of the best episodes of television ever produced, Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias”, so there’s plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First we look at our week in TV, including a preview of Key & Peele’s third season, the premiere of The Heart, She Holler, and the finales of SYTYCD and The Newsroom. Then we do a deep dive into “Ozymandias”, with the longest spotlight in The Televerse history, and we finish by taking a look at the various network comedies and dramas on offer this fall (with a few cable channels thrown in).

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The Televerse #106- The Ben Stiller Show with Eric Goldman

The fall premieres have started, giving us plenty of TV to discuss this week on the podcast. First we talk through the week in comedy, including the series finale of Futurama, season finale of Wilfred, and premieres of It’s Always Sunny... and The League. Then we spend some time with reality and finish up the week in TV with the dramas, including a preview of season six of Sons of Anarchy and a look at the Boardwalk Empire premiere. Afterward, Eric Goldman from IGN joins us at the DVD Shelf to discuss the short-lived sketch comedy cult favorite The Ben Stiller Show.

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The Televerse #105- Rome with Gabe Bucsko

It’s a light week in TV this time, with many shows taking the Labor Day weekend off. There are several comedies to preview, though, and big developments on several dramas, giving us plenty to talk about on the podcast. First we preview the premieres of Brickleberry, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, and Last Tango in Halifax, and then we go through our weeks in comedy, reality, and drama, with a lengthy discussion of Breaking Bad, as ever. Afterward, Gabe Bucsko from Mousterpiece Cinema comes back to the DVD Shelf to help us break down the underappreciated Rome.

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The Televerse #104- Make You Watchathon 2: No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, On Death Row, First Person

It’s our two year anniversary which means two things: 1. The return of the Make You Watchathon, where Simon and Kate each assign the other required viewing they probably wouldn’t watch otherwise, and 2. It’s gonna be a long show.

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The Televerse #103- Get Smart with Josh Long

It’s a lighter week of TV this time on the podcast, particularly for the comedies. After looking at them, we talk at some reality, including a preview of PBS’s All Star Orchestra and a look at the Make Kate Watch Stuff winner, the Face Off premiere, before diving into several interesting dramas, including the True Blood finale and, of course, Breaking Bad. Then Josh Long from More Than One Lesson heads over to the DVD Shelf to help us discuss the classic and utterly delightful ‘60s comedy, Get Smart.

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The Televerse #102- Charlie Jade with Steph Smith

Breaking Bad is back with a vengeance, and the premiere, along with several other great episodes of television this week, made this our longest podcast yet. First we take a look at the comedies, including the Make Kate Watch Stuff winner, Melissa & Joey, and the season one finale of Moone Boy. Then we talk SYTYCD in our reality segment, and finally we go through a full week of drama, including the pilots for The White Queen and Low Winter Sun and the premiere of Strike Back: Shadow Warfare. Then the spotlight section makes its triumphant return with the midseason premiere of Breaking Bad and afterward, we welcome returning guest Stephanie Smith of PotentialCast, RedemptionCast, and What's On with Steph and Des back to the DVD Shelf to help us puzzle out the little known Canadian sci-fi series Charlie Jade.

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