The Televerse #165- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 5

The fall premieres and finales continue this week, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including a preview of Eliza Coupe’s new comedy Benched, a look at the Mike Tyson Mysteries pilot and Newsreaders premiere, and a deep dive with the fabulous Jane the Virgin. Then Kate talks through another genre roundup before we talk Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and we close out the week with the dramas, including the series finale of Boardwalk Empire. Afterward, Steve Prokopy, Capone at AICN, comes back to the DVD Shelf for the fifth installment of Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks, this time looking at the 1978 TV movies The Initiation of Sarah and Are You in the House Alone?.

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The Televerse #164- 2014’s New Representations of Sexuality on TV with Mo Ryan

There’s a lot of interesting new TV kicking around, but this week we roll back our regular podcast coverage a bit to make room for a special segment. First we look at a few reality offerings, including the pilot of the new documentary series Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, as well as some comedy, including an at least partially pantheon-level Key & Peele. Then we look at some genre, particularly American Horror Story: Freak Show, and we round out our week with a few drama offerings, including the finale of The Knick. Afterward, the fabulous Maureen Ryan of the Huffington Post and Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan returns to the podcast to discuss Transparent season one, the first half-season of Outlander, and several other series as we look at new representations of sexuality that are finally popping up on television.

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The Televerse #163- Life As We Know It with LaToya Ferguson

The fall season is in full swing, with another handful of premieres and pilots this week giving us plenty to discuss on the podcast. First Kate talks some reality, then we dive in with the week’s comedy, including a preview of Marry Me’s pilot and a lengthier chat about the pilot for Jane the Virgin. Next up is a full week in genre, most of which Kate covers in a roundup, leaving time for more in-depth American Horror Story: Freak Show and The Flash talk, and we round out the week in TV with the dramas, including eventful episodes of The Knick, Boardwalk Empire, and The Good Wife. Afterwards, LaToya Ferguson of The A.V. Club and The Televoid joins us to discuss the one-season teen drama Life As We Know It.

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The Televerse #159- That Mitchell and Webb Look with Alasdair Wilkins

The fall TV season is nearly upon us, bringing with it a slew of summer series finales and pilot previews and giving us plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. Simon Howell is back and helps break down a full week in TV, starting with previews of the New Girl and The Mindy Project premieres and lots of FX comedy talk. Then we take a look at the pilots and premieres airing in the coming week, and we round out the week with plenty of genre and drama discussion, including looks at the pilot of Z Nation, a lauded Doctor Who, catchups with Outlander, The Knick, and Masters of Sex. Afterward, Alasdair Wilkins of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who joins us at the DVD Shelf to discuss the British sketch series That Mitchell and Webb Look.

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The Televerse #158- Make-You-Watch-athon 3: Samurai Jack, Frisky Dingo, The Amazing Screw-On Head

It’s The Televerse’s third birthday, and once again, we’re celebrating with our annual Make-You-Watchathon, where the hosts each choose a series to make the other(s) watch. This year, it’s an animation party, with all three Televerse cohosts participating and choosing animated series. First, however, it’s another more relaxed week in TV, as the summer series continue to wind down. We kick things off with the finale of SYTYCD and some comedy talk, including the premiere of The League and the return of Gravity Falls, and then take a brief look at some genre (Doctor Who and Outlander) before diving in with the dramas, including the premiere of Boardwalk Empire and the finale of the uneven first season of The Leftovers. Afterward, we kick off the Make-You-Watchathon with Sean’s pick, Samurai Jack, before moving on to Simon’s, Frisky Dingo, and rounding out the segment with Kate’s pick, The Amazing Screw-On Head.

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The Televerse #117- Ben and Kate with Deepayan Sengupta

It’s another full week in television, giving us plenty to discuss on the podcast. First we kick things off with a look at a few of the notable comedies this week as well as some memorable reality, then we talk genre, including the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who, and we finish up with the dramas, including the Boardwalk Empire finale. Next it’s over to the DVD Shelf, as SOS’s own Deepayan Sengupta joins us once again to discuss the short-lived sitcom delight, Ben and Kate.

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The Televerse #110- Informed Opinions: Lawyers and the Law on TV

The fall season is fully under way, giving us once again, plenty to discuss on the podcast this week. We start with the comedies, looking at a handful of the week’s offerings, including the Super Fun Night premiere. Then we talk reality, with a look at The Voice blind auditions, the Top Chef New Orleans premiere, and another week of The Amazing Race. Next up is genre, with The Vampire Diaries' premiere and The Original's pilot, among others, before we move onto the dramas, with plenty to discuss, including The Bridge's finale and Scandal premiere. Finally, we sit down with lawyer Lewis Zimmerman for another Informed Opinions, this time looking at depictions of lawyers and the law on television.

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The Televerse #66- Robotech with Tom Griffin

This week on the podcast, we skip the spotlight but go through a rather extensive week in TV as most series wind down, at least for the fall. We once again group the Tuesday (Ben and Kate, New Girl, The Mindy Project) and Thursday (30 Rock, Parks and Rec, It’s Always Sunny…, The League) comedies and we also take brief looks at Parenthood, the Key and Peele finale, Top Chef Seattle, Supernatural, Nashville, the season premiere of The Hour, The Vampire Diaries, Last Resort, The Amazing Race, Bob’s Burgers, The Good Wife, the Boardwalk Empire season finale, and Homeland. Then we welcome Tom Griffin from The Paul Goebel Show over to the DVD Shelf to help us break down the breakthrough ‘80s anime Robotech.

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The Televerse #16- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex with Simon Aplin

This week on The Televerse, Simon catches up with Boardwalk Empire, Kate catches up with Justified season two, and we look at a few finales. We go through our week in TV, spotlight Homeland’s season one finale “Marine One,” and welcome Simon Aplin from Tech It or Leave It on to discuss our first anime at the Shelf, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

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