The Televerse #279- 2016 Best Of Smorgasborgy, Part 2

It’s our final week celebrating 2016 TV, here at The Televerse. Noel and Kate continue to spotlight their favorite heroes and villains, most gut-busting and tear-jerking moments, and more with part two of the Smorgasborgy. This episode, we give out our awards for the year’s best characters, best sequences, most memorable moments, and most impressive seasons and otherwise notable series, as well as our grab bag of miscellaneous awards. Once again, please share your thoughts on the year’s TV, and your picks for our final round of categories, in the comments below, and come back next week for our 2017 midseason TV preview.

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The Televerse #278- 2016 Best Of Smorgasborgy, Part 1

Noel and Kate continue their celebration of the best of TV in 2016 with The Televerse’s yearly Smorgasborgy, a Best Of bonanza covering every category we can think of (and a few we probably shouldn’t have). There is so much to discuss and celebrate this year, in fact, that for the first time, The Televerse will be presenting our Best Of Smorgasborgy over two weeks, starting with our awards for the best performances, production elements, writing, and music on TV in 2016. Post your thoughts on the year’s TV, and your picks for any or all of our categories, in the comments below, and come back next week for our favorite characters, sequences, moments, seasons, and more!

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The Televerse #277- Top 20 TV Series of 2016

As 2016 winds down (and not a moment too soon), the List-ening begins! This episode, Noel and Kate count down their Top 20 TV Series (or TV Movies) of 2016. While plenty of other aspects of life have let many of us down recently, there’s been a plethora of terrific TV, so join us as we celebrate the 30+ shows we most enjoyed this calendar year.

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The Televerse #227- 2016 Midseason Preview

2016 is here, and with it comes our midseason preview. First on this week’s podcast, Kate and Noel talk through a rather reduced week in TV, including a catchup on Person of Interest season four, the post-hiatus returns of Elementary, Limitless, Top Chef, and Adventure Time, and a long-awaited Steven (Universe) Bomb! Afterward, Kate and Noel take a look at the year’s upcoming midseason pilots and premieres, including this week’s returns of Galavant, American Crime, Always Sunny…, and Man Seeking Woman and debuts The Shannara Chronicles, Angel from Hell, and Shades of Blue, plus much more. Take a listen, then leave a comment below, letting us know what shows you’re most looking forward to in winter 2016!

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The Televerse #226- 2015 Best Of Smorgasborgy

After counting down their Top 20 TV Series of 2015 last week, Kate and Noel return to give their thoughts on the rest of the year that was in TV. From standard categories like Best Performance to fun ones like Best Villain and Trippiest Scene, Kate and Noel heap praise upon (or vent frustration about) the best, worst, most memorable, and most forgettable moments, seasons, series, and more this year. Joining in the fun are former cohosts Caroline Siede, Ricky D, Max Bledstein, Deepayan Sengupta, and Simon Howell, who call in to give out a few awards of their own.

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The Televerse #225- Top 20 TV Series of 2015

The List-ening has begun! Kate is joined by her new cohost, Noel Kirkpatrick of TV.com, to count down, argue about, slather praise upon, and generally geek out about our top 20 shows of 2015. Adding to the fun are some of the year’s best musical moments and a few thoughts from previous guest cohosts Elena Rivera, Emily L. Stephens, and David Bax. Count down with Noel and Kate, then let us know your picks for the best TV of 2015!

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The Televerse #174- 2014 Best Of Smorgasborgy

The podcast’s year-ending Best Of extravaganza concludes this week with Simon and Kate’s picks for just about everything other than their Top 20 TV Series. Categories range from Best Performance, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Score to more niche categories like Best Shipping Moment, the Life Vest Award (performance/element singlehandedly buoying an otherwise terrible show), and the La-La-La Award (show we most care about being spoiled for). Each section is bookended with some of 2014’s most memorable original music and musical performances. Please leave us a comment with your favorite moments and anything else from TV in 2014!

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The Televerse #173- Top 20 TV Series of 2014

The podcast’s year-ending Best Of extravaganza begins this week with Simon and Kate’s picks for the Best TV Series of 2014, focusing on their Top 10 shows, but expanding to cover 22 different highlights of the year in television. Simon and Kate go show by show, talking about what prompted them to include, or exclude, each series from their lists. Please share your Top 20 in the comments!

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The Televerse #122- 2013 Best Of Smorgasborgy

2013 was a great year for TV and with it coming to an end, we decided a Top 10 wasn’t enough. This week on the podcast, we take a look at all the other Bests in the television of 2013: best performances, best cinematography, best scores, and many more, plus a handful of less common categories, such as best villains, best shipping, and the Dusty Dusty Him Sad award for saddest scene. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and it’s a long one, but we hope you’ll join us for a look back at this funny, moving, and very memorable year (and then give your picks in the comments!).

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The Televerse #121- Best TV Shows of 2013

It’s finally time. With Christmas Eve upon us, December is coming to a close and that means it’s time to find out Simon and Kate’s picks for the best TV shows of the year. 2013 has been an eventful year for television, with scores of interesting shows throughout the year. Only a handful can make the final cut for the podcast, though. Which shows made the list, which just missed out, and which weren’t even in contention? Tune in to find out.

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