The Televerse #299- Supergirl Season 2 with Dr. Elizabeth Bridges

Finale season pushes ahead, full steam, prompting another of our trademark marathon episodes. We kick things off with the week in comedy, reality, and drama, looking at the finales of Archer: Dreamland, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane the Virgin, and Elementary as well as a Drag Race shocker and a less-than-stellar The Handmaid’s Tale. After a quick break, it’s time for the genre offerings, including the much-hyped Laura-centric American Gods, the long-awaited return of Twin Peaks, and the finales of Samurai Jack, The Flash, and Arrow. Then to round out the discussion, friend of the podcast Dr. Elizabeth Bridges returns to help us dive deep on Supergirl’s finale and season two overall, from the highs (Sanvers, Lena, Cat) to the lows (Mon-El, James, basically all the guys), and everything in-between.

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The Televerse #292- Murder, She Wrote with Charlotte Howell

The DVD Shelf makes its triumphant return this week on The Televerse, with Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Television Studies Charlotte Howell of Boston University joining Kate and Noel to dive deep with the delicious comfort food that is Murder, She Wrote. Before that, though, we have a full week in TV to discuss. We kick things off with the comedies, including the premiere of IFC’s Brockmire, the season premiere of Archer: Dreamland, and entertaining new installments of Fresh Off the Boat and Speechless. After sharing our thoughts on a cheer-tastic RuPaul’s Drag Race, we move on to the week’s genre offerings, including the premieres of Dimension 404, Rick and Morty, and iZombie, and the finale of Legends of Tomorrow. Then we round out the week with the drama offerings, including the return of Prison Break, the much-anticipated Oscars episode of Feud: Bette and Joan, another Cato-centered Underground, an intense American Crime, and a divisive The Good Fight.

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The Televerse #248- Agent Carter with Elena Rivera

There are fewer finales this week, but rather than cutting down on their TV intake, Noel and Kate took advantage of the extra time to catch up on a few shows each, making this yet another marathon session of the podcast. After giving some serious side-eye to So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, we dive in with a lengthy week in comedy, including finale talk for Archer, The Carmichael Show, and The Detour as well as a look at the premiere of Maya and Marty and catchups with The Ranch, Catastrophe, and Lady Dynamite. Then we head over to the hourlongs, with some Fear The Walking Dead discussion, a few thoughts on the premiere of Cleverman and the reimagining of Roots, and plenty of Person of Interest. Afterwards, friend of the show Elena Rivera returns to the DVD Shelf to help us sing the praises of the recently canceled, and gone far too soon, Marvel’s Agent Carter.

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The Televerse #175- 2015 Midseason Preview

Here at the podcast, we’re finally done with 2014, so what better time to look at what the beginning of 2015 has to offer TV fans? First we talk over our past few weeks in TV, starting with the comedies, including the finales of Selfie, Benched, The Colbert Report, the entire first season of Mozart in the Jungle, and the pilot of Galavant. Then we look at the genre and drama offerings of the past few weeks, including The Legend of Korra’s finale, the Doctor Who and Black Mirror Christmas specials, and the finale of The Affair, and we end the podcast with our preview of a very full winter season.

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The Televerse #124- Men of a Certain Age with Mike Royce

It’s only the second full week in 2014, and there’s already a slew of new TV to discuss on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedy pilots and premieres, including Spoils of Babylon, Enlisted, Archer, Chozen, and Girls. Then we talk over the week’s genre offerings, including the pilot of Helix, before moving on to the dramas, including the premiere of Justified and the pilot of True Detective. Afterward, we welcome Mike Royce to the podcast to discuss his new series, Enlisted, as well as join us at the DVD Shelf to take a look at the short-lived gem he co-created, Men of a Certain Age.

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The Televerse #123- 2014 Midseason Preview

It’s barely 2014 and new TV has already started, giving us plenty to discuss this week on the podcast. First we go through a mega dose of listener feedback, covering the past three weeks, and then we dive in to the television. We kick off our week in TV with a few episodes that aired at the end of 2013, particularly the Doctor Who Christmas special, before moving on to this calendar week and its offerings, including the Community premiere and memorable episodes of Parenthood and The Good Wife. Then we take a look at the upcoming seasons of Justified and Archer, before breaking down the midseason series headed our way first on the networks and then cable. Take a listen, then let us know in the comments which shows you’re most excited for.

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The Televerse #30- Luck with Ty Landis

It’s an embarrassment of dramatic riches this week with excellent episodes from Justified, The Good Wife, Mad Men, and Luck. We talk through our week in TV, including the pilot of Bent and the finale of Archer, before spotlighting Mad Men’s premiere and then breaking down Luck’s unfortunately short run with Ty Landis of the Reel Time podcast.

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The Televerse #27: Interview with Bill Persky

This week, Simon catches up with Spartacus and Kate has far too much to say about The Voice. After talking through a comedically satisfying and dramatically mixed week in TV, Simon and Kate briefly spotlight Archer’s latest, “Crossing Over”, before Kate interviews Bill Persky, creator of That Girl and five-time Emmy Award-winning writer, director, and producer. Bill talks about some of his experiences in the business, gives his thoughts on the state of network television, and discusses how the depictions of women on TV have changed over the years. Plus, some fun stories about George Carlin and Bing Crosby.

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The Televerse #23- The Critic with Tyler Smith

In a welcome change, this week almost every show Simon and Kate watched turned in an at least above average episode. Unfortunately, there’s a rather significant exception in Downton Abbey, which we take to task. Then we spotlight Justified’s latest, "Harlan Roulette", and we wrap things up with Tyler Smith from Battleship Pretension and More Than One Lesson joining us at the DVD Shelf to discuss The Critic.

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The Televerse #18- 2012 Midseason TV Preview

This week, Simon and Kate continue without the regular format. We go through our (brief) week in TV, catch up with the first seasons of Archer and Downton Abbey, and preview the series premiering or returning in January and February.

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