Fall premieres and returns continue this week, giving us plenty to discuss on the podcast. First, we dive in with the comedies, including the premieres of Bob’s Burgers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ghosted, black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, and The Mayor, as well as another delightful DuckTales and a table-setting The Good Place. Next, we look at the genre and drama offerings, including the premieres of Marvel’s Inhumans, The Exorcist, The Gifted, and Queen Sugar, Outlander, and another moving Halt and Catch Fire.

Afterward, writer and The A.V. Club contributor Zack Handlen returns to the podcast to help Kate break down Rick and Morty season three. We look at the show’s structure and morality, how it fits into the show’s overall progression, and what the season three finale means for season four. Leave your thoughts about Rick and Morty, network premiere season, and the rest of the week’s TV below!

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Season Spotlight: Rick and Morty Season 3 with Zack Handlen (1:24:48)

Our Week in Comedy
Bob’s Burgers premiere (11:15)
Curb Your Enthusiasm
premiere (15:58)
premiere (20:11)
black-ish premiere (23:24)
Fresh Off the Boat premiere (30:13)
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World premiere (34:43)
The Mayor premiere (38:24)
DuckTales (41:02)
The Good Place

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Marvel’s Inhumans premiere (50:06)
The Exorcist premiere (55:30)
The Gifted
premiere (1:00:49)
Queen Sugar midseason premiere (1:05:33)
Outlander (1:10:59)
Halt and Catch Fire (1:14:21)

Music Featured: “We Built That,” sung by the cast of black-ish in the season premiere; “Baby Mine” by Bette Midler; Rick and Morty Theme song

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