Thanks to the holiday weekend, a lot of TV took the week off, giving Noel and Kate time for season catch-ups! We kick things off with our week in comedy, including the first seasons of Danger and Eggs and GLOW, the third season of Playing House, another fun Younger, a dramatic The Carmichael Show, and a somewhat disappointing The Great British Baking Show. Next up is our week in genre and drama, including the perplexing Castlevania season one, the finale of Doctor Who, and new episodes of Wynonna Earp, Claws, and Queen Sugar. Afterwards, Noel and Kate catch up with a series they’ve been behind on for a while, seasons one and two of Channel 4 and Netflix’s Chewing Gum.

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Season Spotlight: Chewing Gum Seasons 1 and 2 (2:01:46)

Our Week in Comedy and Reality
Danger and Eggs Season 1 (27:56)
GLOW Season 1 (39:22)
Playing House
Season 3 (49:16)
Younger (56:29)
The Carmichael Show (1:04:50)
The Great British Baking Show (1:09:14)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Castlevania Season 1 (1:20:09)
Doctor Who
finale (1:27:47)
Wynonna Earp
Queen Sugar (1:52:45)

Article Referenced: Tim Goodman’s piece for The Hollywood Reporter, “Critic’s Notebook: The Post-Review, Post-Premiere, Post-Finale World of Peak TV”

Music Featured: “Best Day” by Danger Twins; “Girls are Like Guns” as sung by Dominique Provost-Chalkley on Wynonna Earp; Chewing Gum Theme song

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