March is coming to a close, which means we’re well overdue a check-in on our 2017 TV resolutions. This week, Noel and Kate report on how we’ve been doing with their goals to watch more anime and explore YouTube web series. First, however, we spend some quality time with our week in TV, starting with the genre offerings. Noel looks at the premiere of Into the Badlands, Noel and Kate gush over another beautiful Samurai Jack, we dive deep with the Supergirl/The Flash musical cross-over, and we agree to disagree on Legion. Next up are the comedies and dramas, including the return of Grace and Frankie, a crushing Superstore, a romantic Jane the Virgin, powerful episodes of The Americans and Underground, more soapy fun with Greenleaf, and a disappointingly pat The Good Fight.

How are you doing with your 2017 TV resolutions? Report on your progress, and how you’re feeling about the current TV offerings, in the comments below.

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2017 TV Resolution Check-in #1 (1:55:51)

Our Week in Genre
Into the Badlands premiere (8:32)
Samurai Jack (12:12)
Supergirl (18:38)
The Flash

Our Week in Comedy and Drama
Grace and Frankie Season 3 (1:00:47)
Superstore (1:06:30)
Jane the Virgin (1:11:41)
The Americans (1:18:16)
Underground (1:21:06)
Greenleaf (1:34:17)
The Good Fight (1:41:43)

Music Featured: “Put A Little Love in Your Heart” as performed by Jeremy Jordan, Carlos Valdes, John Barrowman, Darren Criss, and ensemble, and “More I Cannot Wish You” as performed by Jesse L. Martin, Victor Garber, and John Barrowman in The Flash musical episode, “Duet”

Article Referenced: In our discussion of Supergirl, Kate referenced an article exploring the coding around Lyra Strayd, Winn’s love interest. The article is “Let’s Talk About Supergirl’s Lyra Strayd” by Gretchen Ellis, published online at The Raconteur.

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