At long last, we meet! More than 15 months into podcasting together once a week, every week, Noel and Kate record together live and in person, at ClexaCon! We round up our week of TV viewing, with plenty of genre, comedy, drama, and even reality talk, before taking advantage of being live and in person to have fun with some TV trivia, both as a team and podcaster-a-podcaster. Who will be victorious in our battle of the TV Theme songs? Post your thoughts on the week’s TV, and your record on our play-along trivia, in the comments below!

Errata: Noel and Kate tease taking PBS’ Which Pioneer of Television Are You? quiz as part of our TV Trivia segment, but we wound up doing this off mic. Noel got Spock, and Kate got Wonder Woman. Not bad!

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TV Trivia Live! with Noel and Kate (1:11:15)

Our Week in TV
Steven Universe (8:54)
Supergirl (19:26)
The Flash (30:00)
Jane the Virgin
The Good Fight
Top Chef: South Carolina finale (50:07)
The Detour (54:56)
Legion (1:03:23)

Music Featured: “Undiscovered First” by Feist; “Think!”, from Jeopardy!, by Merv Griffin

Trivia Quizzes Featured: BuzzFeed’s Stupidly Hard TV Trivia Quiz; Almost Right ProductionsTelevision Theme Song Trivia Game #1

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