It’s another short podcast this week, as a work commitment forces Kate to keep things (comparatively) concise. There’s still plenty of TV to discuss, however, and Noel and Kate kick things off with a quick check-in on the penultimate episode of Top Chef: South Carolina before diving in with the comedies. This week, that includes the season premiere of The Detour, fun episodes of Speechless, black-ish, Superstore, and Jane the Virgin. Next up are the drama and genre offerings, including a preview of next week’s event series When We Rise, the much-anticipated premiere of The Good Fight, an intense Steven Universe, Supergirl’s middling Valentine’s Day episode, and another dream and memory-focused Legion. Afterward, Noel and Kate briefly chat about how various late night shows are handling the Trump administration, which shows and hosts are best suited to covering President Trump, and which are currently falling flat.

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Covering President Trump in Late Night (1:00:46)

Our Week in Reality and Comedy
Top Chef: South Carolina (5:45)
The Detour premiere (7:59)
Speechless (12:20)
Jane the Virgin (22:44)

Our Week in Drama and Genre
Preview When We Rise (33:18)
The Good Fight premiere (37:00)
Steven Universe (41:02)
Supergirl (45:43)
Arrow (49:44)
Legion (51:01)

Music Featured: “Just To Get a Rep” by Gang Starr; “You Were Right About Everything” by Erin  McKeown

Clips Featured: “Trump’s Nuclear Plan: It’s Like The Cold War All Over Again” from the Friday, February 24th, 2017 episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; “Hey! Transgender Kids” from the Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers

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