It’s our final week celebrating 2016 TV, here at The Televerse. Noel and Kate continue to spotlight their favorite heroes and villains, most gut-busting and tear-jerking moments, and more with part two of the Smorgasborgy. This episode, we give out our awards for the year’s best characters, best sequences, most memorable moments, and most impressive seasons and otherwise notable series, as well as our grab bag of miscellaneous awards. Once again, please share your thoughts on the year’s TV, and your picks for our final round of categories, in the comments below, and come back next week for our 2017 midseason TV preview.

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Character Awards (1:29)
Best New Characters
Best and Worst Villains
Best and Worst Parents
Best Kids
Best On-Screen Death
Badass Award
Character We Want To See More Of
Actor We Want To See More Of

Sequence Awards (27:23)
Best Action Setpiece
Best Stunts
Best Standalone Fight Scene
Best Dream Sequence

Moment Awards (42:29)
Trippiest Scene
Best WTF Moment
Biggest Gutpunch
Dusty, Dusty Him Sad Award
Most Triumphant Moment
Best Twist or Reveal (Non-finale)
Most Traumatic Moment
Schadenfreude Award
Best Extraneous Sex or Nudity
Best Shipping
Most and Least Chemistry
Oxygen Award
Most Ridiculous Moment
Best and Worst Fan Interaction
La-La-La Award (No spoilers!)
La-La-La Award for TV Event that We’re Head-Canoning Away

Season and Series Awards (1:20:29)
Most Spectacular Season Slow Burn
Most Spectacular Season Burn-out
Best and Worst Season-Long Mystery or Finale Payoff
Best New Comedy (non-Top 20)
Best New Drama (non-Top 20)
Most Improved Series
Biggest Season-to-Season Drop
Most Underrated and Overrated Series
Srsly Guys, Why Aren’t You Watching…
Srsly, Why Aren’t We Watching…
The Ann Veal Award (Her?)
Homework Award
Ringer Award
Gone, but Not Forgotten

Misc. Awards (1:51:07)
Best Surprise
Worst Disappointment
Best Discovery
Spotlight of Shame
Breakthrough Performance
Breakthrough Series
Best Overall Network
It Shoulda Worked
It Shouldn’t’ve Worked
It’s Not Me, It’s You: Trope, Series, and Other
Anchor Award
Life Vest Award
Show That Will Make The Leap in 2017

Music Featured: “Whatcha Gonna Do (It’s Up to You)” from Agent Carter; “F*ck you, European Union” from Last Week Tonight; “We Tapped That Ass” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; “Edelweiss,” as performed by Victor Garber on Legends of Tomorrow; “Where or When” as performed by Jesse L. Martin on The Flash; “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as performed by Michael Emerson on Person of Interest; “There But For the Grace of God” as performed by the cast of The Get Down; “Robot Cowboy” from Adventure Time; “Off With His Shirt” from Galavant; “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)” as performed by Rob Benedict on Supernatural

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