We’re now well into April, so with 2016 a quarter of the way over, Noel and Kate thought it was time we checked in on our 2016 TV Resolutions. First, however, we look at a full week in TV, starting with the return from hiatus of The Amazing Race. Then we dive in with the comedies, including a disappointing The Carmichael Show, before moving on to the genre entries. Disappointment is a bit of a theme, unfortunately, as we dive deep on The Walking Dead’s irritating season finale and an underwhelming Arrow, but fortunately we cleanse the palate with a much stronger week in drama, including the fantastic conclusion to American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson and another strong Limitless. Afterward, Noel and Kate evaluate their progress with their 2016 TV Resolutions: Is Noel watching more documentary television, and which shows has Kate added to her lineup to ensure her viewing passes the Bechdel Test every week?

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2016 TV Resolutions Check-in (1:43:27)

Our Week in Reality and Comedy
The Amazing Race (4:13)
Broad City (14:04)
Fresh Off the Boat (17:23)
The Carmichael Show (20:47)

Our Week in Genre
Powerpuff Girls premiere (29:03)
The Walking Dead finale (34:58)
Arrow (46:58)
Adventure Time (57:33)

Our Week in Drama
Banshee premiere (1:04:08)
American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson finale (1:09:05)
The Path (1:23:37)  
The Americans
Limitless (1:32:39)

Music Featured: Melrose Place Theme song; Powerpuff Girls 2016 Theme song; “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers; “Promises Promises” by Naked Eye

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