It’s our lengthiest, most in-depth podcast yet, as Noel and Kate take deep dives on many of the week’s most interesting episodes. We had to talk The 100 and “Thirteen”—and we went so long on it, with friend of the show Maureen Ryan of Variety and Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan, that it’s posted separately, below—but we kick things off with the comedies, talking The Carmichael Show’s premiere, the finales of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Man Seeking Woman, and a standout Jane the Virgin, among others. Afterward, we check in on The Amazing Race and part one of the Top Chef finale, before diving in with the genre entries, including the midseason premiere of Agents of SHIELD and a philosophical Adventure Time. Last up are the dramas, starting with a slew of premieres and previews: The Americans, And Then There Were None, Underground, Bates Motel, and Of Kings and Prophets. Then we round out the segment with a few more episodes, including the much-anticipated Marcia-centric American Crime Story and the season finale of American Crime.

What do Noel and Kate think of the rise of issues-based comedy? Should characters change over time? Can The 100 win us back, and what exactly happened on Adventure Time? Why isn’t God a character on Of Kings and Prophets, and why do we still belittle women for their hair? Did American Crime stick the landing and does it really matter either way? All of this and much more on this week’s supersized The Televerse.

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Our Week in Comedy
The Carmichael Show premiere (5:30)
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia finale (14:20)
Man Seeking Woman finale (16:32)
Girls (21:00)
Jane the Virgin (25:09)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (30:21)

Our Week in Reality and Genre
The Amazing Race (36:25)
Top Chef (46:00)
Agents of SHIELD (50:07)
The Walking Dead (57:21)
The 100 (1:08:06)
Adventure Time (1:16:55)

Our Week in Drama
Preview The Americans Season 4 (1:26:20)
Preview And Then There Were None (1:33:57)
Underground premiere (1:37:53)
Bates Motel premiere (1:48:41)
Of Kings and Prophets premiere (1:52:23)
American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (1:57:39)
Limitless (2:05:36)
Elementary (2:13:15)
American Crime finale (2:18:32)

Special Segment: The 100’s “Thirteen” and Traumatic TV Character Deaths with Mo Ryan

In lieu of the DVD Shelf this week, Noel and Kate wanted to talk about last week’s controversial episode of The 100, “Thirteen”, during which a beloved character was killed in a problematic—to put it mildly—manner. Joining us to break down this specific character death, how it relates to The 100 as a series, and how it compares to other memorable and traumatic TV character deaths is Maureen Ryan, Chief TV Critic for Variety.

Errata: In this segment, Kate lists characters on The 100 who are lesbian or bisexual, but does not mention Niylah. Also, Mo states that Fear The Walking Dead will have 22 episodes per season moving forward. Season two of Fear The Walking Dead will have 15 episodes. The Televerse regrets the error!

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Articles referenced in this segment: Mo’s piece about “Thirteen” for Variety; Ryan McGee’s post on “Thirteen” and follow-up at his Tumblr; Dr. Elizabeth Bridges’ piece about “Thirteen” at The Uncanny Valley; the Tumblr Kate references, which has a timeline of tweets from showrunner Jason Rothenberg and other members of the creative team at The 100 with where they fall in relation to the production of “Thirteen”.

Additional articles of note: Here’s a handy list of 131 lesbian and bisexual TV characters and how they died, from Riese at AutostraddleNicola Choi has written a piece on the fan response for Talk Nerdy With Us; Leskru, a segment of the The 100 fandom, has reacted to “Thirteen” by starting a fundraiser for The Trevor Project. They have already raised over $41K.

Music featured: A big thank you to Taylah Coxx and Revy Dutch for allowing us to use clips from their original songs for this episode!

Taylah’s “Take Care”, which closes out the first half of this week’s podcast, is a song from the point of view of Lexa during The 100’s “Thirteen” and can be heard in full at Taylah’s SoundCloud page.

Revy’s “The Clexa Song”, which opens our discussion of “Thirteen” and traumatic TV character deaths, is available as a charity single at Revy’s Bandcamp page, with all proceeds going to Leskru’s fundraiser for The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth.

Also featured this week: “Gettin Bi’” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; “Weeds Or Wildflowers” by Parsonsfield; “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal

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