At long last, The Televerse takes on the procedural juggernaut that is Law & Order! However before we dive in with returning guest Sarah D. Bunting and new guest to the podcast Mark Blankenship, both of Previously.TV and Extra Hot Great, Noel and Kate look at a full week in TV. We kick things off with the comedies, including the finale of Galavant, Grease Live, and the glorious return of Fresh Off the Boat, and then we talk genre and drama, including the much-hyped Darin Morgan episode of The X-Files and premiere of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Afterward, it’s over to the DVD Shelf for a super-sized chat with Mark and Sarah, looking at what made Law & Order tick, and what kept it fresh for so very long.

Errata: In this episode, Kate references Rhys Darby as having an Australian accent. Darby is a New Zealander, he is not Australian. The Televerse regrets the error.

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DVD Shelf: Law & Order with Mark Blankenship and Sarah D. Bunting (1:25:49)

Our Week in Comedy
Galavant finale (4:26)
Grease Live (6:06)
The Grinder (12:37)
Man Seeking Woman (14:34)
Younger (18:25)
Fresh Off the Boat midseason premiere (18:56)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (21:13)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (23:43)
Jane the Virgin (29:31)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
The X-Files
The Shannara Chronicles (40:55)
The Flash (44:04)
Arrow (46:40)
Legends of Tomorrow (52:20)
Horace and Pete premiere (56:41)
American Crime (59:44)
The Good Wife (1:07:13)
American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson premiere (1:13:45)

Music Featured: “Galavant Recap” from Galavant; “Put Yourself First” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; Law & Order Theme song

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