The Televerse #334- Spotlight on 25 years of WWE RAW with Cory Barker

Few series make it more than a handful of years; even fewer make it into double digits. This week, the WWE celebrated 25 years of Monday Night RAW, and that is a milestone worth reflecting upon. We may not be regular wrestling viewers here at The Televerse, but thankfully friend of the show Cory Barker of TVGuide.com is, and he came back on the podcast this week to talk WWE RAW and wrestling on TV with us for an extended spotlight. Before that, however, Noel and Kate talk through some of the week’s more memorable episodes. First we look at the week in comedy and reality, including the premieres of The Detour and Drunk History, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s Apology Race, a double episode of The Amazing Race, and the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. Then we move over to the genre offerings, including the premiere of Counterpart, Star Trek: Discovery, The Flash, Supergirl, and the latest Darin Morgan offering of The X-Files. How did trying to keep up with Trump work for the Full Frontal crew? Has Star Trek: Discovery gotten overly twist-reliant? And which host is surprisingly fluent in the complex backstories of ‘90s and early ‘00s WWE? This and more on the latest episode of The Televerse.

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The Televerse #333- Good Behavior Seasons 1 and 2 with Allison Shoemaker

Midseason premiere season has begun, bringing with it plenty of new and returning TV to discuss. Noel and Kate kick things off by talking through a handful of the week’s standouts, starting with the week in reality and comedy, including Top Chef: Colorado, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, black-ish, and a much-anticipated The Good Place. Next up are the week’s drama and genre offerings, including the premieres of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and Black Lightning, as well as the midseason premieres of Supernatural and The Flash. Then Noel and Kate welcome back The A.V. Club, Consequence of Sound, and RogerEbert.com contributor Allison Shoemaker to dive in with under-rated and under-discussed con and heist series Good Behavior, spotlighting the first two seasons of this entertaining and compelling gem.

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The Televerse #332- 2018 TV Resolutions

Another year, another pair of TV goals. With 2018 underway and several series starting back up, it’s time for Noel and Kate to refresh their TV resolutions. How did we do with our 2017 resolutions to watch more anime and streaming series, and what impact, if any, has that made on the way we interact with TV? Noel and Kate discuss this and more in our special segment this episode, then unveil our resolutions for the new year. Before that, however, we have a full week of TV to break down. First up are the week’s comedy and reality offerings, including the Golden Globes, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, black-ish, Top Chef: Colorado, and The Amazing Race. Then we move over to the week’s drama and genre installments, including the premiere of The Chi, the midseason premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, the finale of Marvel’s Runaways, and new episodes of The X-Files and Steven Universe. How did Seth Meyers fare at the Golden Globes? Should the inclusion of contestants who are in recovery affect how Top Chef and other competition shows shape their challenges? Just how awesome is Lars’ new cape, and *why*, Star Trek: Discovery, *why*?!? All of this and more in this week’s episode of The Televerse.

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The Televerse #331- 2018 Winter TV Preview

2018 is here, so it’s time once again for our yearly winter TV preview! Noel and Kate talk through the upcoming series premieres and returns, looking at which new shows are worth tuning in for and which are better left for midseason catch-ups. Before that, though, there’s plenty of TV to discuss from this week. We kick things off with our week in comedy and reality, including the premieres of LA to Vegas, grown-ish, The Amazing Race, the midseason premiere of The Good Place, and the dramatic return of the victor from Last Chance Kitchen to Top Chef: Colorado. Then we move on to the week’s genre entries, including the premiere of The X-Files, the Doctor Who Christmas special, and oodles of Steven Universe and Adventure Time. What TV are you looking forward to in 2018? Listen to hear our most anticipated, then reach out with your picks, and any upcoming TV we missed in our preview.

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