The Televerse #269- Young Justice with Samantha Nelson

We’re back to regular podcast operating procedure here at The Televerse, just in time for Halloween and another batch of premieres. First up, we look at a full week in comedy, including the premieres of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Man with a Plan, and The Great Indoors, a slue of holiday-themed sitcom episodes, another compelling The Good Place, and a powerful Jane the Virgin. Then we look at the rest of the week’s offerings, including the much anticipated Rectify premiere, the less anticipated Pure Genius premiere, a stormy Queen Sugar, Hamilton-centered Great Performances, Harrison Wells-happy The Flash, and Lynda Carter-fueled Supergirl. Afterward, Samantha Nelson of The A.V. Club and the Critical Hit podcast joins us at the DVD Shelf to help us continue or exploration of the DCAU’s with Young Justice.

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The Televerse #268- China Beach with Chris Becker

With Noel still under the weather and Kate taking a rare vacation, it’s another short episode this week on the podcast. That being said, there’s still plenty of entertaining TV to discuss, including the season premiere of our beloved Jane the Virgin, another Halloween installment of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and fun episodes of Fresh Off the Boat and Saturday Night Live. Noel also checks in on This is Us and Pitch, and we both heap more love for Supergirl. Afterward, Associate Professor Chris Becker from Notre Dame, creator of News for TV Majors and host of Aca-Media, joins us at the DVD Shelf to discuss the criminally underseen female-driven Vietnam medical drama China Beach.

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The Televerse #267- Beverly Hills, 90210 with LaToya Ferguson

Life has arisen in an unfortunate way this week, prompting a somewhat abridged version of the podcast. Despite that, however, there’s plenty of interesting TV for Noel and Kate to discuss, starting with a preview of FOX’s Laverne Cox-led new take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again, before some premiere (Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Fresh Off the Boat) and finale (RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Halt and Catch Fire) talk. Then we welcome back friend of the show LaToya Ferguson, of The A.V. Club, Inverse, and Mic, who joins us at the DVD Shelf to discuss ultimate ‘90s series, Beverly Hills, 90210.

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The Televerse #266- Transparent Season 3 with Sean Colletti

Fall premieres strike again, and between another slew of premieres and a mega-dive with Luke Cage season one, Noel and Kate are back to marathon-length podcasting this episode. First up, we look at a full week in comedy, including the Insecure and Divorce premieres, check-ins on Atlanta, Better Things, High Maintenance, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more strong installments of black-ish and The Good Place. Then we head over for some genre and reality TV, including the premieres of Westworld, The Flash, Arrow, and Frequency, a lengthy chat about the merits of Luke Cage versus Jessica Jones, an underwhelming Independent Lens, and another controversial RuPaul’s Drag Race. Lastly, we talk drama, including the premieres of Elementary and No Tomorrow and two more affecting entries from Queen Sugar and Halt and Catch Fire. Then Noel taps out as Kate welcomes back former Televerse cohost and current cohost of TV Roundtable Sean Colletti to spend some time with the Pfeffermans and Transparent season three.

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The Televerse #265- 2016 TV Resolutions Check-in #2

Fall TV premieres continue this week, but amidst the new show craziness, Kate and Noel take a moment once again to reflect and evaluate how they’re doing on their 2016 TV resolutions, both Noel’s vow to watch more non-fiction and documentary television and Kate’s to broaden her TV horizons and make sure she’s watching programming featuring voices that are underrepresented on television. Before we dive in with that, however, it’s another exciting premiere week. First we look at a full week in television, including the premieres of Bob’s Burgers, Drunk History, and Younger, the finale of Survivor’s Remorse, and notable episodes of You’re the Worst, black-ish, and The Good Place. Then we head over to the genre, reality, and drama entries, discussing the much-anticipated Luke Cage premiere, the less-anticipated Van Helsing and Secrets and Lies premieres, and the eagerly anticipated (at least among Aidan Turner stans) Poldark premiere, as well as engaging installments from Frontline, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Halt and Catch Fire, and Star Wars Rebels. Please chime in below, or via email (theteleverse@gmail.com), or on social media with your thoughts on the non-fiction and representational TV you think we should be seeking out!

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