The Televerse #247- The Love Boat with Gwen Ihnat

The finales roll on, giving us yet another marathon episode of the podcast this week. First up are the comedies, including the finales of Bob’s Burgers and Fresh Off the Boat. Then we head over to genre, including looks at the Preacher pilot and The Flash and Arrow finales, and we round out the week with the dramas, including the finales of The Night Manager and The Path. Afterwards, Gwen Ihnat, copy editor and contributor at The A.V. Club, joins us at the DVD Shelf to look at the ‘70s–‘80s escapist TV staple The Love Boat.

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The Televerse #246- Mr. Show with Vikram Murthi

Finale season continues, and with seven final episodes airing on TV this week, Noel and Kate buckle in for one of the podcast’s lengthiest entries. After talking through The Amazing Race’s finale, we dive in with the comedies, including the Faking It, black-ish, and Jane the Virgin finales. Then it’s over to genre, with the Agents of SHIELD, Legends of Tomorrow, and The 100 finales, and we round out our week in TV with the dramas, including an escalating The Night Manager and a much-awaited, dramatic return on Person of Interest. Afterward, Vikram Murthi of The A.V. Club, Indiewire, and Movie Mezzanine returns to the DVD Shelf to introduce Noel and Kate to the modern sketch classic Mr. Show.

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The Televerse #245- Finale talk and Star Trek Fantasy Crew Draft

Some big finales and plenty of other interesting TV keeps Noel and Kate busy this week. After some griping about The Amazing Race, we dive in with the comedies, including gender role-tastic episodes of The Carmichael Show and black-ish (thank you, writers!). Next up are the genre entries, including the return of Steven Universe, the penultimate The 100 of the season, and another DC TV roundup, and we round out the week with the dramas, including plenty of The Good Wife, Elementary, and Underground finale talk. Then in lieu of the DVD Shelf, we head to DePaul’s A Celebration of Star Trek, with a recording of Kate’s Star Trek Fantasy Crew Draft. Kate moderates as author Jody Lynn Nye, Jon Clarke of Caffeinated Comics, Sean Kelley of Improvised Star Trek, Caroline Siede of The A.V. Club, and writer Gordon Dymowski draft their ideal Star Trek crews, compiling a team out of the series regulars from Star Trek: TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. Each panelist is tasked with a crisis to avert, and it’s up to the audience to decide whose lineup is the ultimate fantasy Star Trek crew. Music Featured: Sam Dillard’s Star Trek Theme Suite, “Where No One Has Gone Before”. Check out more of Sam’s work at his site, SamoStudios.com!

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The Televerse #244- The Equalizer with Dr. West Anthony

We’re doing it live this week, as DePaul’s Star Trek Celebration will be eating into Kate’s editing time. There’s still plenty of TV to discuss, however, and we kick things off with the comedy and genre entries, including some thoughts on the White House Correspondents Dinner and the Person of Interest, Penny Dreadful, and Houdini & Doyle premieres. Then we move on to the dramas, including some belated pilot talk from Kate—spoiler alert, y’all were right and Vinyl is terrible—and lengthy chats on The Night Manager, The Path, and Underground. Afterward, Dr. West Anthony of Musical Notation joins us at the DVD Shelf to talk New York filming and stern talking-tos in the ‘80s action procedural The Equalizer.

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