The Televerse #213- Scrubs with Cooper S. Beckett

After last week’s marathon podcast, we’re back to a more manageable length, though there’s still plenty of TV talk to go around. Joining Kate this week is Cooper S. Beckett from Eat the Rudecast, Damn Good Podcast, and Life on the Swingset, who helps Kate look at some comedy and genre favorites (The Muppets, Drunk History, Rick and Morty, Doctor Who) and dives in with a new show mid-series (Review). Kate also talks the Documentary Now finale, the Amazing Race premiere, the Heroes Reborn premiere, the Masters of Sex finale, and previews Sleepy Hollow season three. Afterward, Cooper heads over to the DVD Shelf to help Kate break down an underrated (comparatively) recent series, the reliably comedic, and occasionally crushingly dramatic, Scrubs.

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The Televerse #212b- 2015 Fall TV Preview with David Bax

Continuing on from part one of this week’s mega-podcast, David Bax from Battleship Pretension and Hey Watch This! joins Kate to break down this fall’s new series.

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The Televerse #212a- Empire, The Emmys, and more with David Bax

Returning to the podcast this week is friend of the show David Bax, from Battleship Pretension and Hey Watch This!, and as always happens when David is on the show, this is a long one. So long, in fact, that we’ve split the podcast into two parts. First up is David and Kate’s look at the week’s TV, including previews of the upcoming returns of The Last Man on Earth, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh Off the Boat, black-ish, Empire, and Nashville, as well as looks at Married, Project Runway, the 2015 Emmy Awards, and more. Afterward, David sticks around to preview the fall’s upcoming new series, but to avoid putting out a three hour beast of a podcast episode, that segment is available separately.

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The Televerse #211- The L.A. Complex with Carrie Raisler

This week, Carrie Raisler of The A.V. Club joins Kate on the podcast to look at the first insane week in TV in quite a while. First we talk comedies, including previews of Life In Pieces and Moonbeam City and the finales of Key & Peele, The Carmichael Show, and Playing House. Next we look at the rest of the week’s TV, including previews of The Bastard Executioner, Blindspot, and Minority Report, the return of Project Greenlight, the launch of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the SYTYCD finale. Afterward, it’s time for a trip to the DVD Shelf, as Carrie and Kate look at the underseen comedic Canadian (and The CW) soap The L.A. Complex.

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The Televerse #210- Party Animals with Caroline Siede

This week, Caroline Siede of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who joins Kate on the podcast to break down a comedy-heavy week in TV. First we talk comedies, including a preview of The League season seven and You’re the Worst season two, fun episodes of Key & Peele, Playing House, and Difficult People, and take a deep(er) dive with The Carmichael Show. Next up are reality and drama, including the under-discussed I Am Cait and the intriguing season finale of Mr. Robot. Afterward, Caroline sticks around to add to the DVD Shelf, looking at the one season BBC series Party Animals.

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This Is Our Design #39- “The Wrath of the Lamb” with Noel Kirkpatrick

For possibly the final time, welcome back to This Is Our Design. With some time to digest the season three finale of Hannibal, set aside a chunk of your evening (and by that, we mean over three and a half hours) to dive in with co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick, who are joined by Noel Kirkpatrick of TV.com to help with the discussion of “The Wrath of the Lamb”—a discussion with very differing opinions. As always, stick around for “Kate’s Classical Corner” and “The Devil in the Details,” but also of interest are our season three and series awards. Finally, we wanted to take the time to thank as many people as possible, which make up the final minutes of this podcast.

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The Televerse #209- Monty Python’s Flying Circus with Emily L. Stephens

This week on the podcast, Emily L. Stephens of The A.V. Club joins Kate to discuss an entertaining week in TV, including a preview of Drunk History season three and interesting episodes of Married, Rick and Morty, and Review. Kate also takes another look at The Carmichael Show and Kate and Emily talk Mr. Robot, as well as diving surprisingly deep with Fear the Walking Dead and not-at-all-surprisingly deep with the Hannibal finale. Afterwards, Emily heads to the DVD Shelf for something completely different: a look at Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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