The Televerse #195- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 6

Summer TV is on the way, giving us a few more finales and some shows to preview this week on the podcast. First we look at the comedies and reality, with previews of Golan the Insatiable and SYTYCD. Next up are the genre and drama entries, including previews of The Whispers and Aquarius, as well as looks at the pilot of Between and the finales of Supernatural and The Flash. Afterward, friend of the show Steve Prokopy—Capone from AICN—is back at the DVD Shelf for the sixth installment of his Horror Picks, looking at two classic horror TV movies: Dark Night of the Scarecrow and The Night Stalker.

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The Televerse #194- Jane the Virgin Season 1 with Elena Rivera

TV’s spring finales continue this week, with two podcast favorites taking their bows. First up, we look at the comedies and some reality, including Netflix’s Grace and Frankie and the finale of The Amazing Race. We follow that with the genre and drama entries, including the finales of Elementary, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and intense installments of Orphan Black, Outlander, and Penny Dreadful. Afterward, the spotlight section makes its long-awaited return as we dive deep with the Mad Men series finale, and we round out the podcast with yet another season spotlight, with SOS’s Elena Rivera joining us to take a look at the fantastic first season of Jane the Virgin.

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The Televerse #193- Todd McFarlane’s Spawn with Mike Worby

The winter finales only wrapped up a few weeks ago on the podcast, but network finale season is already upon us. First we look at the comedies, including the much anticipated 12 Angry Men-inspired installment of Inside Amy Schumer. Then we talk genre, including check-ins with The Flash and Arrow and looks at eventful episodes of Penny Dreadful and Outlander, and we wrap up our week in TV with the dramas, including the season finale of The Good Wife and the penultimate episode of Mad Men. Afterward, Mike Worby of SOS returns to the DVD Shelf to talk HBO’s animated series, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

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The Televerse #192- The Americans Season 3 with Matt Brennan

The show list finally slows down a bit this week, giving us plenty of time on the podcast to dive in with some interesting television. First we look at the week’s comedies, including the finale of The Last Man on Earth and a gender-tastic Louie. Next are the genre and dramas, including the premiere of Penny Dreadful and the antepenultimate episode of Mad Men. Afterward, Matt Brennan of Indiewire’s Thompson on Hollywood! blog and Slant joins us at the DVD Shelf to discuss the fantastic season three of The Americans.

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