The Televerse #191- Justified with Kate Rennebohm

April TV has finally reached a balancing point, with lots of interesting shows, but only a handful of premieres and finales. First up, we look at the comedies, including the pilot of Happyish, the premiere of Inside Amy Schumer, and the finale of Fresh Off the Boat. Next up are the genre entries, including a preview of Wayward Pines, and we wrap up the week in TV with the dramas, including a preview of The Casual Vacancy and the finale of The Americans. Afterwards, friend of the show Kate Rennebohm returns to the podcast to help us bid a fond farewell to a Televerse favorite, Justified.

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The Televerse #190- Daredevil Season 1 with Kyle Anderson

April’s embarrassment of TV riches continues this week, making for another long podcast. First up are the comedies, including a preview of Inside Amy Schumer season three, followed by the genre entries, including a preview of Penny Dreadful season two, the pilot of The Messengers, and the premiere of Orphan Black. Last up are the dramas, including the series finale of Justified. After our week in TV, it’s time for another season spotlight, with Kyle Anderson of TheNerdist.com and WTF Are You Watching? returning to the podcast to break down season one of Daredevil.

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The Televerse #189- Better Call Saul Season 1 with Vikram Murthi

Aprilgeddon continues, bringing with it the return of the Season Spotlight, giving Kate and Simon extra time to discuss some of their favorite series. We start our week with the comedies, including looks at the premieres of Louie, Veep, and Silicon Valley, and then talk genre, including the Game of Thrones premiere, the Fortitude finale, and season one of Daredevil. Then we round out the week with the dramas, including some The Slap talk as well as our weekly Justified, Americans, Mad Men, and The Good Wife discussion. Afterwards, Vikram Murthi of The A.V. Club returns to the podcast to talk about one of 2015’s most pleasant surprises, Better Call Saul season one.

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The Televerse #188- Seinfeld with Jennifer Armstrong

Aprilgeddon ramps up this week, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. We kick things of with the comedies, including previews of The Comedians and season five of Louie and a look at the Archer finale. Next up are the genre offerings, including the eventful midseason premiere of Outlander and the penultimate episode of Fortitude, and we round out the week with the dramas, including the much-anticipated final premiere of Mad Men and the fantastic penultimate episode of Better Call Saul. Afterwards, critic and author Jennifer Armstrong returns to the DVD Shelf to break down the surprisingly under-discussed comedy classic, Seinfeld.

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