The Televerse #182- Good Eats with Noel Kirkpatrick

The glut of 2014 TV comedies continues this week, making for yet another lengthy podcast. First we look at another full week in comedy, including a preview of FOX’s The Last Man on Earth, some The Odd Couple pilot talk, and plenty of Jane the Virgin, Girls, and Looking discussion. Then we look at a handful of genre series as well as HBO’s documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, before diving in with the dramas, including a quick preview of ABC’s Secrets and Lies and fun episodes of Better Call Saul, Fortitude, Justified, and of course, The Americans. Afterward, Noel Kirkpatrick of TV.com returns to induct the DVD Shelf’s first educational and/or cooking program entry, the delightfully cheesy, yet encyclopedic Good Eats.

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The Televerse #181- The Dick Van Dyke Show with Sarah Rodman

January’s ridiculous string of TV comedy excellence continues this week, making for another long podcast. First Kate talks a little reality, with some praise for the finale of Top Chef: Boston, then there’s comedy discussion galore, including an emotional Jane the Virgin, a baffling Adventure Time, and more great episodes from Broad City, Parks and Recreation, Looking, and Girls. Next up, Kate looks at some genre with Arrow and Banshee, and we round out our week in TV with the dramas, including the finale of Babylon and another fantastic and grimace-inducing The Americans. Afterwards, Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe returns to the DVD Shelf to help us discuss one of the all-time great sitcoms, The Dick Van Dyke Show.

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The Televerse #180- Informed Opinions: Educational Children’s Television

The comedies came to play this week, with two episodes likely to be in Best of 2015 discussions later this year. Needless to say, the podcast is on the long side this week. First we look at a full (and ridiculous) week in comedy, including the dramatic reveal of Sin Rostro on Jane the Virgin, another Parks and Recreation wedding, a one-two-three emotional wallop from HBO, and an epic title fight between Broad City and Always Sunny. Then we look at the drama and genre offerings, including previews of Bosch season one and The Slap (US) and looks at the pilots of Better Call Saul and Allegiance. Afterward, Maggie Kulzick returns to the podcast for the latest installment of Informed Opinions, looking at educational children’s television.

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The Televerse #179- The Phil Silvers Show and F Troop with Michael Price

Between finales, pilots, and premieres, there’s plenty of TV to talk about this week on the podcast. First we look at the week in comedy, including Key & Peele’s Superbowl special and a contentious Man Seeking Woman. Then Kate looks at some genre before Simon joins her to discuss The 100, and we round out our week with the dramas, including the series finale of Parenthood, the pilot of Fortitude, and the long-awaited season premiere of The Americans. Afterward, Emmy Award winner (and current writer for The Simpsons) Michael Price returns to join Kate at the DVD Shelf to discuss multi-cam comedy and two classics of the genre, The Phil Silvers Show (aka Sgt. Bilko) and F Troop.

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