The Televerse #174- 2014 Best Of Smorgasborgy

The podcast’s year-ending Best Of extravaganza concludes this week with Simon and Kate’s picks for just about everything other than their Top 20 TV Series. Categories range from Best Performance, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Score to more niche categories like Best Shipping Moment, the Life Vest Award (performance/element singlehandedly buoying an otherwise terrible show), and the La-La-La Award (show we most care about being spoiled for). Each section is bookended with some of 2014’s most memorable original music and musical performances. Please leave us a comment with your favorite moments and anything else from TV in 2014!

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The Televerse #173- Top 20 TV Series of 2014

The podcast’s year-ending Best Of extravaganza begins this week with Simon and Kate’s picks for the Best TV Series of 2014, focusing on their Top 10 shows, but expanding to cover 22 different highlights of the year in television. Simon and Kate go show by show, talking about what prompted them to include, or exclude, each series from their lists. Please share your Top 20 in the comments!

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The Televerse #172- Holiday Omnibus 1 with Deepayan Sengupta

With the year’s television winding down, our last regular podcast of the 2014 features a particularly light group of episodes. First Kate gives a quick genre roundup, including the midseason finales of The Flash, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD. Then we look at the week’s comedy, including the midseason finale of Jane the Virgin, a Christmas-themed black-ish and surprisingly un-holiday Bob’s Burgers. Last up are the dramas, including the penultimate episode of The Affair, the series finale of The Newsroom, and the season finale of the Audience Network’s underrated Kingdom. Afterward, SOS’s own Deepayan Sengupta is back to kick off a new recurring segment, our Holiday Omnibus. In the first installment, we look at three Christmas episodes: Chuck’s “Chuck vs. Santa Claus”, Supernatural’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas”, and Moral Orel’s “Best Christmas Ever.”

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The Televerse #171- The Wire (Part 1) with Dennis Perkins

Series are heading to their midseason finales, giving us fewer shows to discuss this week on the podcast. First we look at some of the comedies, including another holiday Bob’s Burgers and the return of Jane the Virgin. Then Kate talks some genre, including the much-hyped The Flash/Arrow crossover, and we round out the week with the dramas, including the pilot of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce and the controversial penultimate episode of The Newsroom. Afterward, Dennis Perkins of The A.V. Club joins us for our first of two discussions about the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed The Wire.

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The Televerse #170- Fans and Fandom on TV with Paul Booth

Thanks to Thanksgiving, it’s a (comparatively) light week of TV on the podcast. First we kick things off with a little reality talk and a look at the comedies, including a marathon of Adventure Time, and then we talk genre and drama, including the aptly-titled episode of The Newsroom, “Contempt”. Afterward, Dr. Paul Booth joins us to discuss representations of fans and fandom on TV, as well as the ever-evolving relationship between fans and creators.

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