The Televerse #147- The Mary Tyler Moore Show with Sarah Rodman

The Spring to Summer TV transition continues this week, with a bunch of premieres and finales giving us plenty to discuss on the podcast. First we look at the reality and comedy, including a preview of Wilfred season four and looks at the Rising Star and Almost Royal pilots, as well as the Enlisted finale. Then we talk genre and drama, previewing Tyrant, looking at the True Blood, Dominion, and Rectify premieres, and breaking down the Orphan Black and Fargo finales. Afterward, Sarah Rodman from The Boston Globe joins Kate at the DVD Shelf to discuss one of the all-time great series, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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The Televerse #146- Gilmore Girls with Whitney McIntosh

It’s Summer Premiere Time, giving us a lot of television to cover this week on the podcast. First we talk the week’s comedy and reality offerings, including a preview of BBCA’s new comedy Almost Royal and the finale of Louie. Then we take a look at ABC’s offerings from this past year, in another installment of Sean’s Network Report Cards, and afterward we finish up the week in TV with both genre and drama, including previews of Dominion, The Musketeers, The Last Ship, and Rectify season two and the finales of Game of Thrones and In The Flesh. Then Whitney McIntosh of My TV Sang To Me joins us at the DVD Shelf to break down the pros and cons of a series close to all of our hearts, Gilmore Girls.

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The Televerse #145- The Goode Family with Deepayan Sengupta

It’s another transitional week for television, and television podcasting, with winter shows continuing to finish up while the summer series wait a few more weeks to begin. First we take a look at the week’s comedies, including the season finales of Inside Amy Schumer and Veep, then Sean gives FOX their report card, and afterward we look at an eventful week in genre and drama. Then it’s over to the DVD Shelf, with returning guest Deepayan Sengupta of SOS joining us to discuss Mike Judge’s short lived animated series, The Goode Family.

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The Televerse #144- Invader Zim with Zack Handlen

We finally have a bit of a lull this week, with spring series starting to wind down and summer series yet to begin. So rather than take it easy (what is easy?), we introduce a new recurring segment this week on the podcast, Sean’s Network Report Card. First we kick things off with a little reality and the comedies, including the premiere of SYTYCD and the finale of Silicon Valley. Then Sean breaks down the freshman series on CBS, letting listeners know which shows to stick with for season two and which to ditch. Next is genre and drama, including Kate’s preview of Power and Murder in the First, the latest Make Sean Watch entry, the Supernatural pilot, and eventful episodes of Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and In The Flesh. Afterward, we welcome back Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club to the DVD Shelf to help us discuss that most adorable of evil alien would-be overlords, Invader Zim.

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