The Televerse #113- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 3

Between The Good Wife’s much-hyped episode exploding our brains this Sunday, Childrens Hospital finishing up its season, and several of our favorites delivering strong installments, there’s a lot of TV to talk about on this week’s extra-long podcast. First we look at the comedies, including a network roundup and several cable series, notably Key & Peele and the Childrens Hospital finale. Then we look at some reality, checking in with Top Chef New Orleans among others, before talking American Horror Story: Coven and the rest of our week in genre. Next up are the dramas, followed by our spotlight of The Good Wife’s “Hitting the Fan”. Then Steve Prokopy, Capone from AICN, comes back to the DVD Shelf for Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 3, continuing Kate’s education in TV horror with Trilogy of Terror (1975) and Carrie (2002).

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The Televerse #112- Strike Back: Shadow Warfare with Myles McNutt

With so much TV to discuss, we start paring down shows on the podcast this week, focusing on the most interesting of the bunch. First we start with the comedies, then we pair up the reality and genre categories, previewing Grimm season three and taking a look at the Reign pilot, and we finish up our week in TV with the dramas. Then we welcome on Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings and The A.V. Club to help us discuss this week’s finale of Strike Back: Shadow Warfare, as well as the season as a whole.

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The Televerse #111- Cowboy Bebop with Chris Piers

The dramas came out swinging this weekend, giving us plenty of great TV to discuss on this week’s podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including the Filthy Sexy Teen$ pilot and Always Sunny’s 100th episode, before talking through a rather sparse week in reality. Next up are the genre series, including Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s pilot, Supernatural’s premiere, and the premiere of American Horror Story: Coven, and then we wrap up our week in TV with the dramas, starting with Glee’s tribute to Cory Monteith, “The Quarterback”. Then it’s time for a return to the DVD Shelf, with Chris Piers of Television Zombies coming back to help us take a look at the fantastic, seminal anime, Cowboy Bebop.

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The Televerse #110- Informed Opinions: Lawyers and the Law on TV

The fall season is fully under way, giving us once again, plenty to discuss on the podcast this week. We start with the comedies, looking at a handful of the week’s offerings, including the Super Fun Night premiere. Then we talk reality, with a look at The Voice blind auditions, the Top Chef New Orleans premiere, and another week of The Amazing Race. Next up is genre, with The Vampire Diaries' premiere and The Original's pilot, among others, before we move onto the dramas, with plenty to discuss, including The Bridge's finale and Scandal premiere. Finally, we sit down with lawyer Lewis Zimmerman for another Informed Opinions, this time looking at depictions of lawyers and the law on television.

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The Televerse #109: Breaking Bad with Ricky D

The TVpocalypse has come and gone, giving us far too much to fit into one podcast this week. Consequentially, we’re splitting up the podcast, with our mega-long DVD Shelf on Breaking Bad, with guest Ricky D, as a separate audio file.

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