The Televerse #91- Arrested Development Season 4 with Josh Spiegel

There’s less television to discuss this week on the podcast, giving us more time to delve into an interesting week in drama. First we look at a couple comedies (Save Me, Inside Amy Schumer) and some reality programming (So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice), and then we dive into our week in drama. Afterwards, we spotlight this week’s fantastic episode of Orphan Black, “Unconscious Selection”, and welcome on Josh Spiegel from Mousterpiece Cinema to discuss the recently released season four of Arrested Development.

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The Televerse #90- Bored to Death with Scott Meslow

It’s finalepalooza this week on the podcast, with the network TV season coming to a close. First we take a look at the comedic finales, as well as the pilot for The Goodwin Games, then we move on to genre, talk Game of Thrones, a slue of finales, and Orphan Black, then continue with reality, and finish with a couple drama finales, as well as Hannibal. Then we spotlight Mad Men’s amphetamine-fueled, “The Crash” before welcoming Scott Meslow from The Week to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at the short-lived and under-appreciated Bored to Death.

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The Televerse #89- The Prisoner with Zack Handlen

The premieres and finales continue this week, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. First we look at the comedies, then break down the genre offerings, then Kate looks at The Voice for our reality segment, and then we look at the prestige dramas before spotlighting the latest episode of Hannibal, “Sorbet”. Finally, we welcome Zack Handlen from The A.V. Club to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at the influential, and delightfully crazy, 1967 cult series The Prisoner.

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The Televerse #88- The Americans Season 1 with Randy Dankievitch

We had a lot to say this week on the podcast, thanks to a full and at times controversial week in television. First we look at a handful of the week’s many comedies, then spend some quality time with genre (in particular a certain misbehaving Doctor), then tip our hat to some reality winners, and finally dive into some drama before spotlighting the fantastic “Plato’s Cave” from Rectify. Afterwards, Randy Dankievitch from Processed Media and SOS joins us to take a look at what has been a hugely successful first season for The Americans.

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