The Televerse #82- SCTV with Pat Healy

The dramas were not kidding around this week, giving us plenty of great television to talk about and pushing this podcast to the longer side. First we break down the comedies, then the prestige dramas, and then we look briefly at some reality before finishing up our week in TV with some genre fare. Next it’s time for the spotlight, this week on one of the best hours of TV in a very long time, Justified’s exhilarating “Decoy”. Afterwards, we welcome actor Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills, Compliance, The Innkeepers) to the DVD Shelf to take a look at one of television’s most influential comedy series, SCTV.

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The Televerse #81- Girls Season 2 with Justine Smith

It’s a great week for TV drama, with plenty to discuss on the podcast. After going through our week in TV, including the pilot for The Bates Motel and the premiere of Top of the Lake, we spotlight a fantastic episode of Southland, “Off Duty”. Then we welcome Sound On Sight’s own Justine Smith back to the show to help us take a look at the finale and entire second season of Girls.

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The Televerse #80- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with Jeff Barrus

With most network TV on hiatus, or at least taking a few weeks off, we have a surprisingly short podcast this week. After a truncated week in TV, including the Grimm midseason premiere, we head to the DVD Shelf for a lengthy chat with Jeff Barrus of Television Zombies about the red-headed stepchild of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and its role within the larger Trek universe.

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The Televerse #79- Bunheads with Erik Adams

After last week’s doom and gloom, we’re focusing on the happy side of TV for this week’s podcast (for the most part). After a surprisingly full week in TV, including the Top Chef Seattle finale, a preview of next week’s Grimm midseason premiere, and the Red Widow pilot, we spotlight last week’s highly quotable and moving episode of Justified, ”Outlaw”. Then we welcome on The A.V. Club's TV Editor, Erik Adams to help us take a look at the infectiously joyful first season of Bunheads.

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