The Televerse #78- Caprica with Chris Piers

Thanks to the number of interesting TV episodes to discuss, the podcast this week is on the long side, perhaps inspired by the Oscars. After briefly previewing Tuesday night’s CBS pilot Golden Boy, we kick off a strong week in TV, the Cult pilot, part one of the Top Chef Seattle finale, the Oscars telecast, and the winter (read: season, perhaps series) finale of Bunheads. Then, for the first time since episode 11, two shows share the episode spotlight: Spartacus: War of the Damned and The Vampire Diaries. Afterwards, we keep the genre talk going by welcoming Chris Piers of Television Zombies to the DVD Shelf to help us break down the flawed but intriguing Caprica.

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The Televerse #77- House of Cards Season 1

Cable and network TV midseason premieres continue this week with the pilot of Zero Hour and the season premieres of Southland and The Amazing Race, but of the three, only two shows will make the cut for continued week-to-week coverage on the podcast. These make for a fun week in TV this time, then we spotlight The Americans’ latest, “Gregory”, and dive into an in-depth look at season one of House of Cards, which hopefully listeners will have been able to finish over the past few weeks.

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The Televerse #76- Dark Shadows with Will McKinley

It’s a slightly thinner week of television this time, but there’s still plenty to discuss on the podcast, particularly with great episodes in our week in TV from Justified, The Americans, and Girls. Afterwards, we welcome Will McKinley to the DVD Shelf to help us break down the influential ‘60s genre soap, Dark Shadows.

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The Televerse #75- Survivors (2008) with Kyle Nolan

It’s another big week for TV on the podcast, with 30 Rock airing its series finale, The Americans airing its series premiere, and Netflix getting in the game with the premiere of season one of House of Cards. After talking through our week in TV, including the Do No Harm pilot, the aforementioned 30 Rock finale, and the Superbowl, the spotlight is back, with a nice long chat about the pilot of FX’s latest series, The Americans. Then Kyle Nolan from NoReruns.net joins us at the DVD Shelf to talk about the 2008 remake of the post-apocalyptic BBC series Survivors.

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