The Televerse #39- Awake with Sean Ingram

It’s a slow TV week this time, but luckily the episodes that did air offered plenty to discuss. After taking a brief look at Eagleheart, Simon and Kate take long looks at Girls, Veep, and particularly Mad Men before welcoming Sean Ingram from Previously On back to the show to discuss the series finale of Awake, as well as its entire run.

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The Televerse #38- Lost with Mo Ryan

The finales continue this week as Simon and Kate break down their weeks in TV. After looking at the finales for Suburgatory, Community, 30 Rock, Awake (part one), Supernatural, and Bob’s Burgers, they discuss Veep, Kate teaches Simon about Ninja Warrior, Mad Men continues to impress, and there’s a split on the Sherlock finale. Then it’s Girls’ first week in the spotlight, followed by a trip to the DVD Shelf. This week, Mo Ryan of the Huffington Post and Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan comes on for a lengthy chat about the genre hit Lost and its controversial finale.

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The Televerse #37- Nathan Barley with Chris Gore

It’s a mixed bag for Simon and Kate this time. In a week with several notable season finales, some live up to expectations and some live down. After breezing through Kate’s roundup, we look at the rest of the week, taking particular time with the Fringe finale, Mad Men, Sherlock, and, one final time, Smash, which also aired its season finale. Then we spotlight the season finale of Parks and Rec, “Win, Lose, or Draw” before welcoming Chris Gore from Attack of the Show back on, this time to the DVD Shelf, where we look at Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker’s 2005 cult series, Nathan Barley.

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The Televerse #36- Interview with Chris Gore

Simon and Kate break down a week for unusual television, with interesting episodes of Mad Men and Community. After a roundup of Kate’s comedy, genre, and reality shows, we look at our shared viewing, with particular focus on Fringe, Girls, and, unfortunately, since we can’t seem to help ourselves, Smash. Then we spotlight the fantastic season two premiere of Sherlock, “A Scandal in Belgravia”, before we sit down with Chris Gore from Attack of the Show to talk about DVDs, special features, and the future of media consumption and storage.

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The Televerse #35- The Good Wife Season 3

It’s the first guest-less Televerse in a long time as Simon and Kate break down the week’s TV. We give ample time to Community, 30 Rock, Fringe, Girls, and Mad Men before spotlighting Park and Rec’s “The Debate”. Then it’s time for a season spotlight on The Good Wife, which wrapped up its third season with Sunday’s “The Dream Team”.

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