The Televerse #30- Luck with Ty Landis

It’s an embarrassment of dramatic riches this week with excellent episodes from Justified, The Good Wife, Mad Men, and Luck. We talk through our week in TV, including the pilot of Bent and the finale of Archer, before spotlighting Mad Men’s premiere and then breaking down Luck’s unfortunately short run with Ty Landis of the Reel Time podcast.

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The Televerse #29- Better Off Ted with Josh Spiegel

Another stellar episode of Justified, "Loose Ends", keeps it in the spotlight, as Kate and Simon talk through a pretty solid week in TV—the calm before the storm of finales and premieres next week. Afterward, we welcome Josh Spiegel, host of Mousterpiece Cinema, to the DVD Shelf to take a look at the hilarious, and far too brief, run of Better Off Ted.

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The Televerse #28- Jim Henson’s The Storyteller with Robert K. Elder

This week, Justified is back in the spotlight, as Kate and Simon talk through a week dominated by Thursday and Sunday series. First it's Kate's roundup, with brief looks at last week's Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Psych, Grimm, Game Change, Lost Girl, and The Voice. Then we discuss the rest of our week in TV and Justified before welcoming Robert K. Elder, author of The Film That Changed My Life and regional editor of Patch.com, to the DVD Shelf to take a look at the whimsical and short-lived Jim Henson's The Storyteller.

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The Televerse #27: Interview with Bill Persky

This week, Simon catches up with Spartacus and Kate has far too much to say about The Voice. After talking through a comedically satisfying and dramatically mixed week in TV, Simon and Kate briefly spotlight Archer’s latest, “Crossing Over”, before Kate interviews Bill Persky, creator of That Girl and five-time Emmy Award-winning writer, director, and producer. Bill talks about some of his experiences in the business, gives his thoughts on the state of network television, and discusses how the depictions of women on TV have changed over the years. Plus, some fun stories about George Carlin and Bing Crosby.

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