The Televerse #26- Deadwood with Previously On

We’re in for the long haul this week, as Simon and Kate talk through a relatively light week in TV and spotlight Luck’s latest before welcoming on David Bax and Sean Ingram from Previously On to a supersized DVD Shelf to talk about one of the great TV series, David Milch’s Deadwood.

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The Televerse #25- Fawlty Towers with Michael Rice

It’s another in-person Televerse, as Simon’s down in Chicago this week. After talking through a somewhat mixed week in TV, Simon and Kate settle on Justified’s “Thick as Mud” as this week’s spotlight episode. Then we welcome Michael Ryan from the OperaNow! podcast to the DVD Shelf to discuss, well, certainly not the war!, but the classic British comedy, Fawlty Towers.

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The Televerse #24- Interview with Kevin Chapman

This week, Simon and Kate bring back the Spotlight of Shame during their week in TV before spotlighting the latest episode of Fringe, “Welcome to Westfield”. Then Kate interviews Kevin Chapman, currently starring in CBS’s Person of Interest, about the series and his career, and finds out just how important it can be to go to the gym.

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The Televerse #23- The Critic with Tyler Smith

In a welcome change, this week almost every show Simon and Kate watched turned in an at least above average episode. Unfortunately, there’s a rather significant exception in Downton Abbey, which we take to task. Then we spotlight Justified’s latest, "Harlan Roulette", and we wrap things up with Tyler Smith from Battleship Pretension and More Than One Lesson joining us at the DVD Shelf to discuss The Critic.

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